LPCF Survey Introduction


Welcome to our survey introductory page - please read so that you are aware of the surveys outline and purpose.


This survey is simple to complete and should take under 10 minutes. It CANNOT be saved and should be completed in one sitting.

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LPCF last organised a major survey for Parent Carers and SENCos in 2016, which was very well received by those interested in the views of both parties.


January 2018 sees the launch of our second survey which will close on 31st March 2018, with the outcomes report due in May 2018.




The key information we are looking for from yourselves is :-

  • Some personal information - so you can join LPCF or to identify where you live for analysis
  • Your childs details - for analysis.
  • Information and views about your childs education
  • Your views on Exclusions and School withdrawals (if relevant)
  • Outcomes for those who have left school / Education (if relevant)
  • Views on School Transport (if relevant)
  • Support for parents
  • Access and quality of Services
  • Joined up Services
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Parent Carer


The key information we are looking for from yourselves is :-

  • Some work based details including education setting and student numbers
  • Views about your role as a SENCO
  • SENCO Training needs
  • Views on school exclusions and withdrawals
  • Views on school transport for SEND Children
  • Access and quality of Services
  • Referral to Vol Orgs and other external support groups
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NB all data will be managed by LPCF under its Data Protection Policy which is summarised in the following statement

"LPCF will use any data gathered within the legal requirements of the Data Protection legislation and that Personal Data will not be shared with third parties unless fully anonymised, consent has been provided or it is required by law.
A subscriber may, at any time, request to be removed from our data systems and their records will be deleted unless there are other legal precedents.