LPCF Survey Outline


CONFIDENTIAL Questionnaire for Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinators (SENCo)


The survey aims to capture the situation in Lincolnshire, after a recent survey by OFSTED showed significant areas
lacking progress for the development and wellbeing of children with SEND across the UK.


You may wish to use your participation in this survey as evidence, to OFSTED, of your establishment's engagement with parent carers of SEND students.


For simplicity throughout this questionnaire, compulsory education is that attended by all children until 18, the term children is being used for all SEND youngsters up to the age of 25.

Rating Scale 1-5


Scoring / Ranking is simple and quick -just tick / ring your answer unless otherwise required i.e.

 (If you do not use a service or have no opinion please mark the first option which is the default )




The individual data you share with LPCF in the survey will NOT be shared with any other 3rd parties
and will only be used in statistical and anonymised forms to service providers and agencies.