Building Communities of Specialist Provision for

Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Lincolnshire






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The following strategy proposes that children with SEND receive "the right education, in the right place at the right time to enable them to achieve their full potential".


As Lincolnshire's Parent Carer Forum we were invited by the Local Authority and heads of Special schools to work in partnership in the development of the strategy.


We have been working closely with all partners, from the beginning to ensure that the challenges families face and the issues that they may have are taken into consideration in the development of this proposed strategy.


Our involvement enabled LPCF to ensure that parents and their children were at the heart of the strategy and that we could ensure that our expertise in listening to and representing parents views could be utilised to inform the process


We are now asking you to give us your views and tell us what you think to the proposed changes.

To find out more detail about the proposed strategy can we suggest that you :-Special Education Banner


Read the -

In order to ensure parents views are collected and take into account LPCF will be leading independent consultations alongside those being arranged by Special Schools and the Local Authority.


At our independent consultations we are also giving you the chance to speak to a member of the Local Authority on a one to one basis, about the proposed changes, but you MUST complete the booking form asap to secure your own private appointment (NB appointments are time limited).


If you would like to attend one of LPCF's five consultations and book a place please use our E-booking / Word Download page Link Icon


Our team encourages everyone to make use of these opportunities to participate in this review and fully engage in the Consultation process.