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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
admin@lincspcf.org.uk Tel 07925 232466  LPCF, PO Box 1183, Spalding, PE11 9EE
Registered Charity No. 1141060 * ICO Registration Z1810966

Meet the Team behind LPCF

Coralie (Trustee)  Chair
Team Member Coralie I have grown up twins; one with Cerebral Palsy (CP).

From November 2007 to 2016 I served as Vice Chair before taking up the chairs position.

Best known for drinking coffee (hosting the coffee mornings!)

The best bit about LPCF for me is supporting parents, giving them lots of information and organising events for them to gain as much information as possible. This relates to the fact that when my daughter was diagnosed I was given little information about Cerebral Palsy and I became a regular at the library, reading anything and everything I could!!

My pet hate - for me it has to be meetings that don't achieve an outcome.

My strengths -organisational skills

My weaknesses -lack of confidence

What the LPCF has given me? More confidence in my own abilities, feeling of belonging and that I am not alone, helpful strategies through the parent's workshops and lots of useful information!

What I have learnt along the way - it's useful to have a sense of humour and be able to laugh at yourself and believe you me, I have had plenty of opportunity!!
Tim (Trustee)  Vice-Chair
Team Member Tim I have worked with carers previously so whilst not being a carer myself I feel I have some understanding of the issues faced by parents.

I have also worked with young people for 25 years..

I also have a background in group development and fundraising so will be able to support the charity behind the scenes.

Rachel (Trustee)  Treasurer
Team Member Rachel Originally I went to one of the LPCF coffee mornings when my youngest child went to primary school and offered to do some voluntary work for the group.

I now attend many meetings, meet with Service Providers, Local Authority, Workshops, large events and I am still learning new things, as well as helping other Parent/Carers by letting them know what information/support is out there for them.

Currently I support 2 coffee mornings and meet many like minded people.

My background was in Community nursing.

I am a mum of 3 girls and the eldest is a young adult with Severe Learning Difficulties, complex needs and GDD and after 11 years of asking was diagnosed with ASD.

My child has the mental age of a 5/6 year old, inside a young adult body which presents many challenging problems now and in the future.
Michelle (Trustee)  Secretary
Team Member Michelle We are parents to two beautiful children.

After researching on the internet support groups for children with special needs, we came across the Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum.

William visited the next coffee morning in Louth and was pleased to meet a group of like minded parents in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee. Our main interest in the forum at the time was people's own experiences of getting a statement and transition from primary to secondary school.

Since then, we have attended some very useful and informative workshops about the changes to the SEN system due to take place in September 2014.

As parents, we have made new friends, who understand and have similar experiences to ourselves, we have become much more informed and confident in what the future holds for our children as a result of being part of the Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum and as a result now want to help and support other parents.

The forum is a valuable voluntary group which provides a vital link for parents who at times may feel isolated and not listened to.

Carol (Trustee)  
Team Member Carol My name is Carol and I am a Grandma of a child with Cerebral Palsy. I joined the LPCF in 2012 as they help to support families of children with disabilities around Lincolnshire.

I help them by giving practical help at their Parent Workshops and Information events and help to sustain them through fundraising by joining their lottery club.
I enjoy baking cakes for the events.

I love being part of their group and have learnt a lot about being part of a family with extra challenges.
Paul (Trustee)  
Sarah (Trustee)  
Team Member Sarah I have two girls Chloe and Emma who are both now adults. One of the reasons I wanted to become a Trustee of this wonderful group is because of the support they offered me over the years as one of my children has a genetic disorder.

Also, I wanted to offer my experience as an Early Years Teacher especially with my skills and knowledge relating to the challenges faced by children and their families.

The social side of LPCF is something I love, getting the opportunity to chat with like minded people and not forgetting the delicious cakes that are always on offer from the marvellous Carol.
Caroline (Volunteer)  
Christina (Volunteer)  
Gwen (Volunteer)  
John (Volunteer)  
Team Member John As a retired Children's Services worker of 30 years I initially came across LPCF by providing their Website and DataBase management, although I was aware of their existence previously.

In my past life I worked within Youth Centres and Careers Centres and was always on a mission to address Discrimination and Equality, especially having experienced its impact on people within my life.

At 15 my stepson was suddenly, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and it was a game changer for all concerned.

There were positives to report, and the school was excellent as are his current employers but the effects of such a change were, at times challenging, as all around had to adapt, change and learn.

Moving on to the present I now have a partner with a child with CP whom I enjoy and treasure. A genuine hidden gem ! !

But in becoming involved with my partner, my understanding of Disability and the snowdrift of bureaucratic tape which one has to navigate came more to light.

Quite definitely, my eyes were stretched wide open by the challenges, even more as I came to realise the enormity of raising disabled youngsters even into their adulthood.

The main difficulties of raising a child with disabilities, in my view, are often not the disability, they are the hurdles and hoops parents have to overcome to get even the most basic movement from providers and the lack of co-ordination between services run by professionals

And so it was I have chosen to volunteer to assist and help Parent Carers.

If I have one appeal to these who read it is that LPCF's funding is partially based upon its membership numbers so PLEASE EVERYONE, make sure you get people registered AND make sure you update your details every 2- 3years.
Leanne (Volunteer)  
Team Member Leanne I am a mum of 1 girl and 3 wild boys. Also an auntie to 4 crazy boys who keep myself and my sister on our toes. My eldest has now been diagnosed with ODD after years of battling it.

My youngest nephew has been diagnosed with ONH & SOD and he is also severely visually impaired it's been a rocky road for my sister too who I have tried my best to support.
Leesa (Volunteer)  
Team Member Leesa I am a parent carer, I have 4 boys, my youngest boy is 6 yrs old, at 6 months old he had a diagnosis of Septo-Optic dysplasia and Optic-Nerve hypoplasia and totally blind in both eyes.

Its been a bumpy road along our journey, with health services to education services and EHC plans and lack of services for visually impaired children in Lincolnshire.
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When I heard of LPCF, I felt it was lovely to know there were others that understand this feeling.

I am looking forward to being able to signpost others to services that could help with their needs, as well as giving them the opportunity to give feedback on their experiences and getting them heard by others.
Lorraine (Volunteer)  
Team Member Lorraine  My name is Lorraine and I am a retired Community Midwife. I am carer for my eleven year old Grandson who has complex needs including ASD, ADHD, learning delay and attachment disorder.

My decision to join the volunteer team was based on the brilliant work they do, being the voice of carers and organising signposting and information days.

What I can offer is a knowledge of the NHS and how Health Organisations can impact of families facing the many and varied challenges our children give us on a daily basis

Pat (Volunteer)  
William (Volunteer)  
Team Member William Please See

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