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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
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Top Tips from Parents

Tip # 31
Many parents have issues with their children and mobile phones especially around bedtime.
This may not work for everyone but -
Before you buy your child a phone agree that phones are surrendered before you/the child go to be bed and you take ownership of charging the family phone(s).
Why ??
1. Ensures that phones have an OFF time when children got to be
2. Each phone is charged - ready for the day ahead (Children often forget)
3. It ensures that children understand that having a phone is a privilege that you afford them and not a right after all you are paying for it.
4. Children will never know if you have access to their phones and hence this helps keep their phone us safe and legitimate.

Tip # 32
Each parent may encounter a difficulty in reminding children of their manners without embarrassing them.

After all most of don't like to be pulled up in front of people to told to say "Thank you / Please etc".

So how can this be achieved without anyone knowing.
BSL or Makaton or your own signing system is the answer.
Tip # 27
Back to School - Give your child responsibility
Designate a spot for your child to place their school belongings as well as a place to put important notices and information sent home to you. Explain that emptying their school bag each evening is part of their responsibility, even for young children.
Tip # 28
Make time for breakfast
Breakfast can be a great start to the day. Eating breakfast before school can boost energy and help your child to focus. However, avoid sugary cereals and snacks.
Tip # 29
First week back to school.
Where possible keep your own activities to a minimum. Try to postpone trips or meetings so that you are available to help your child to ease them back into the school routine.
Tip # 30
Familiarise yourself with other school professionals
Find out who it is in the school who can help you. Learn their roles and how best to access their help, if you need them. This can include the head teacher and office staff, therapists and any other staff.
Tip # 26
Getting Carer in free to places or other discounts for SEND Families

1. If in receipt of DLA can show a copy of the recent letter to the leisure
centre for swimming/ bowling- most places will just want DLA but ask
before getting tickets or check notice board.

2. Places like Chessington zoo or Alton towers ,Legoland will ask for a GP
diagnoses letter & DLA

3. Max Card (Discount Card - See Max Card websites). Available through LPCF whilst stocks last (see LPCF Home page for terms)

4. CEA card for the cinema / - carer gets in free .This can be applied on
line..will need to upload DLA form. (NB some cinemas also offer special disability friendly screening)

5. Check on each venues website regarding Disability support.
Tip # 25
Happy Mealtimes -Try to have at least some meals at the table each week and avoid giving children meals in front of the television as this can distract them from eating.
Tip # 23
Humour goes a long way to helping during a meltdown especially in younger children.

I have some flatulent animal videos saved to my phone to use as and when required as part of my toolkit for dealing with my asd 6 year old daughters meltdowns.
Tip # 22
When asking a child to do something use the words
"first and then....
e.g. first brush your teeth then you can have the t.v on
Tip # 1
When asking a child to come to tea or other meal, get changed etc
Count to ten SLOWLY and then repeat + no reply

Reasoning - Takes time for some children to process simple commands.
Tip # 2
For children with incontinence problems or period problems - purchase Diarydoll Knickers

They are on line and look like “normal” knickers. Good if your child is a teenager.

Tip # 3
Problems with things slipping around on tables and surfaces

Need some extra stickiness to help

Dycem - comes in sheets and is a real help

Tip # 4
Keep a “diary”(large pages suggested)

Record appointments, who, where, when, subject

Write down who you saw, the discussion, facts.

Make sure to record any agreements and outcomes
Tip # 5
We found it very useful to keep doors either wide open or closed shut.

Walking into the edges of doors is a painful experience - it hurts !!!
Tip # 6
To assist males “aim” when urinating - USE TARGETS

Place a ping pong ball in the toilet bowl.

Use stickers on wall of urinals / Toilets.

Or use the toilet Duck sticky things
Tip # 7
When teaching children to butter bread.
If they have difficulties - either

Butter the bread frozen or part frozen
Try Kings mill rolls (ready cut bread rolls).
They provide a firmer surface to work with.
Dairylea is good for spreading!

Make sure the spread is softened for ease of spreading

Tip # 8
Bubbles and Feather can help calm.

Also a ball pool can help to calm and ground a child.
Tip # 9
Children and young people with special needs can get a free bus pass - BONUS !!!
Some restrictions apply - see LCC website
Tip # 10
Backchain a new skill with your child.

For example - putting on and fastening a coat.

Begin by doing it all except last bit until that can be achieved.

Then progress to leaving last two steps and so on.
Tip # 11
Use Countdowns like 5,4,3,2,1 to help finish activities.

You can also use timers on a phone or a whistle etc
Tip # 12
Take some form of entertainment with you and your child when waiting for appointments.
Waiting times pass much quicker and with less issues.
Tip # 13
Actual photos of a sequence to practice skills stuck to a whiteboard or wall can help a child follow a pattern of skills to achieve a goal.
Tip # 14
Dress up for meetings and look like a professional.

You'd be amazed at the difference in attitudes from others.

Also take a folder, pen and notepad.

Looks like you mean business.
Tip # 15

Make some time for yourself.

If you don't care for the carer,eventually you will burn out.

Do a hobby, join a class, but most important do something for YOU.
Tip # 16
When meeting professionals etc


Dates, Documents, Summary issues, Key points to discuss with the person and most importantly be clear about your desired outcomes and options.

Also read up about your rights.
Tip # 17
Have children's games and videos on phones and tablets when you go out.

You never know when you might want to distract your child whilst you deal with something.
Tip # 18
If your child has toilet issues.

Buy a RADAR Key for the specialist toilets. (Disability rights UK or Councils)

You will need proof of needs but it is well worth the effort to have your own specially adapted toilet space.
Tip # 19
At bedtime routine, quiet time, reading, quiet music, IT OFF, dim the lighting. Relax....
Tip # 20
People with some disabilities are entitled to a reduction in Council tax bands, eg wheelchair users.

Check out with your local District Council (Not LCC)