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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
admin@lincspcf.org.uk Tel 07925 232466  LPCF, PO Box 1183, Spalding, PE11 9EE
Registered Charity No. 1141060 * ICO Registration Z1810966

Resources PDF Files and Weblinks

ESSENTIAL INFO LINKS - Local Offer Local Offer Booklet Code of Practice 2015 SEND Support 2018

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ABC Worksheets
Parent usable worksheet to help record and identify aspects of behaviours by identifying Setting / Date / Time then (A) Antecedent (B) Behaviour (C) Consequence
Practical approaches to working with Children who demonstrate PDA Characteristics (Updated 01 2022)
Useful crib sheet for parents
Promoting positive behaviour- PPT Slides (Updated 01 2022)
A copy of 38 slides used during presentation by Chris from Aspens.
Really good reminder of the workshop learning and practice.

/ www.aspens.org.uk
Bishop Grosseteste University
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Using Everyday Music Activities to Support Communication (New 01 2022)
A series of 39 slides used in the BGU presentation.
(NB a couple of slides are missing which were video of music and communication however these cannot be stored in PDF format. Links to videos are however listed for reference)

/ enquiries@bishopg.ac.uk www.bishopg.ac.uk/opendays
BRIC ( Building Resilience in Communities)
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BRIC - Slideshow (New 01 2022)
A slideshow of BRIC (Building Resilience in Communities)
An at a glance quick over view of the organisation and details

/ enquiries@bric.org.uk 01507 308030.
Carers First
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Week of SEND - Benefits - Carers – what are you entitled to? (Updated 01 2022)

WoS 22 - Contact - Money Matters (New 01 2022)
A comprehensive guide to benefits / grants / allowances etc from Contact. In essence for a family with SEND Children - "What benefits could I be entitled to"
/ 01522 782224 www.carersfirst.org.uk/lincolnshire
Community Dental Services
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A Parents’ Guide to oral health and dental care for children with SEND
Useful web based PDF resource by Contact and National Deaf Children's Society which is promoted to parents by the Community Dental Services .
Video - Dental visit for Youngster with LD
Dentists using Makaton to support a youngster through dental appointment / visit.
Week of SEND - Apple Fresh Toothpaste

Week of SEND - CDS Oral Health Training Slides (Updated 01 2022)
Supporting slideshow presented by the CDS team.
/ ohimp.lincolnshire@cds-cic.nhs.uk www.communitydentalservices.co.uk
Early Years Alliance - Best Start Service
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Personal Development - Grow Your Own Confidence (New 01 2022)
A training opportunity for Parents
Personal Development - Opening Doors to Employment (New 01 2022)
Virtual course for parents
/ lincolnshire@eyalliance.org.uk
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Continence / Containment Products for Children (New 01 2022))
A comprehensive guide to all things Bowel and Bladder. Written by Bladder and Bowel UK
Talking Wee and Poo (New 01 2022)
Healthy Bowels and Bladders for children with additional needs.
Toilet Training Children (New 01 2022)
A Skill Development Programme written by Bladder and Bowel UK.
Toilet Training Children with ASD (New 01 2022)

/ sarah@eric.org.uk 0117 301 2101 www.eric.org.uk/
Family Fund
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Simple outline leaflet from Family Fund

/ 01904 550055 www.familyfund.org.uk
Healthy Minds
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Anxiety - Presentation Slides (Updated 01 2022)
Supporting Children and young people with their worries. Understanding Anxiety, Worry and Fear in children
Sophie / 0303 123 4000 0800 234 6342 www.lpft.nhs.uk/young-people/
Home from Home Care
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Publicity brochure
Includes list of Residential homes, services and how the organisation works in detail
/ getintouch@homefromhomecare.com 0800 587 0372 www.homefromhomecare.com
Inclusion 21
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Introductory Flyer
A brief outline of what Inclusion 21 offer including activities listing.
Megan / Paul megan@inclusion21.co.uk: Paul@inclusion21.co.uk 07469 828584 www.inclusion21.co.uk/
Jan Hargrave (Specialist)
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Week of SEND - Sex and Relationships - Presentation slides

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KIDS - Early Support & Learning Provision timetable (New 01 2022)

KIDS - STRUT Timetable (New 012022)

KIDS - Targeted Positive Activities Timetable (New 01 2022)

/ Kids.lincolnshire@kids.org.uk 01522 542937 www.kids.org.uk
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Discover Kooth (New 01 2022)
An outline of Kooth - who are Kooth, how do they work, what do they do .....
Kooth - an Explanatory video

Kooth Infographic (New 01 2022)
One page poster of essential Top tips on how to talk to your children about their feelings.
Kooth Parent Carer Brochure (New 01 2022)
A handy guide for Parents an Carers
Mini Activity Kit
A list of small activities and ideas from Kooth which can help in supporting mental health. eg managing emotions or building helpful habits
Parents FAQ sheet - (New 01 2022)

Returning to School After Lockdown- Kooth’s Tips and Advice for students

/ parentsandcarers@kooth.com www.kooth.com
KYRA (Mobilise)
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Childrens Learning at Home and Avoiding Homework Battles (New 01 2022)
Slideshow presented by KYRA at WoS 22.
Includes some great tips and tricks plus resources pointers for parents.

/ enquiries@kyra.anthemtrust.uk 01522 287020 kyrateachingschool.com/
LCC Children with Disabilities Social Work Team
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Week of SEND - CWD Vision Document
PUTTING CHILDREN FIRST - Meeting the Needs of Children and Families in Lincolnshire

/ 01522 782111
LCC Children's Health
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Bowel and Bladder UK - Resources for Children

ERIC - Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity

ERIC - Guide for children with additional needs
Clear guide to toileting issues for Children with SEND Tips, tricks and planning
Fluids Advice
Quick crib sheet about fluids needs / consumption for children
Managing Bladder and Bowel Issues in Nurseries, Schools and Colleges
Guidance for school leaders, proprietors, governors, staff and practitioners. What parents may experience in various settings.
LCC Dyslexia Outreach
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Supporting your Child at Home (01 2022)
Slideshow provided at WoS 22.
Cover what is Dyslexia?, developing knowledge and vocabulary, support in reading and pointers to resources.

Week of SEND - Dyslexia Mind Map for Parents

Week of SEND - Presentation slides - Understanding dyslexia

Word Exploration sheet (New 01 2022)
A simple sheet which can be used to explore new words with a child.
Odette Read: North / Helen Lane: South odette.read@lincolnshire.gov.uk : helen.lane@lincolnshire.gov.uk 07778 534478 (Odette) 07823 535473 (Helen)
LCC Early Years & ChildCare Support
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Early Years - Love of books – reading with Toddlers (Video)

Early Years - Love of Books - reading with pre-schoolers (Video)

Early Years - Love of books – reading with baby (Video)

Sensory food education
Government page on the subject with lots of links focussing on Early Years. Material written by TasteEd so look up their webpage for more info and links to info and resources including a simple Parents Workbook
/ 01522 552752
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ESCO Leaflet - Basic Info (New 01 2022)

/ esco@lincolnshire.gov.uk 01522 552 389
LCC Local Offer
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Week of SEND - Presentation slides

/ lincolnshire.gov.uk/special-educational-needs-disabilities
LCC SEND Employment Project (Employers forum)
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Avoiding the cliff edge (New 01 2022)
Work Preparation - Preparing young people with SEND for employment
Week of SEND 21 - Presentation Slides

Scott / scott.eley@lincolnshire.gov.uk 07557 214082
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Co-producing SEND Transformation in Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum AGM 24th June 2021
Learning and Support at Home 2021
Lincolnshire Councils’ SEND Advice Line Service have worked with recommendations from educational psychologists to bring together this resource to share with parents to help signpost to available support for children with SEND
during home-learning

Personal Budgets (New 01 2022)
A basic outline of PBs
Transformation highlights
Special thanks go to members of the High Needs Partnership, Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum and Lincs Young Voices for helping drive forward the High Needs Strategy.

Week of SEND - Valuing SEND Toolkit Leaflet
In partnership with Impower, LCC & LPCF.
Week of SEND 21 - SEND Transformation in Lincolnshire

Week of SEND 22 - SEND Transformation in Lincolnshire (New 01 2022)
An background and update on the progress of the 5 year, £86m investment in improving SEND
/ 01522 782030
LCC Specialist Teaching Team - ECLIPS speech and language specialist teachers – plus Dyslexia Outreach specialist teachers
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Makaton (supporting language learning)
(Updated 01 2022)

Study Skills - Getting Ready to Revise

Study Skills - Getting Ready to Revise Example

Study Skills - Key Exam Words

Study Skills - Thinking Maps

Study Skills and Revision Strategy

Typical Talk in Primary (New 01 2022)
Poster describing the stages of typical language development in Primary
Typical Talk in Secondary (New 01 2022)
Poster describing the stages of typical language development in Secondary
Week of SEND - Dyslexia Explained
Dyslexia Explained: Without the Need for Too Many Words Paperback available via Amazon.
Designed for parents and teachers to read with children to help them understand dyslexia, its different types, signs, symptoms, strengths and weaknesses.
Week of SEND - Paired Reading
A tool/process which can be used professionals and parents to support child's abilities.
Week of SEND 21 - Slides - DLD
What is Developmental Language Disorder
Week of SEND 21 - Slides SLCN + DLD
Introduction to SLCN and Developmental Language Disorder
Week of SEND 22 - Slides SLCN + DLD (Revised 01 2022)
A new and revised set of slides - Introduction to SLCN and Developmental Language Disorder
/ STTenquiries@lincolnshire.gov.uk 01522 553265
LCC Transitions
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Annual Review Yr 9 (New 01 2022)
A helpful booklet identifying Key topics to cover at annual reviews from year 9 as the Transition process to 16+ education begins.
Moving on - Brief Outline of Transition (New 01 2022)
An Accessible Guide to Transition
Moving On and Preparing for Adulthood
Full book - 70 pages of guidance and information
Moving to Adult Services: What to Expect (8Mb)
Comprehensive document covering almost everything one needs to know about transitioning to Adult Services. A must read for those to prepare and plan a better transition.
Preparing for Adulthood (New 01 2022)
A reminder of the vision for Preparing for
Developing Outcomes.

Tomorrows Leaders - A world beyond Disability (New 01 2022)
A series of uplifting case histories of young people with Disabilities who have achieved well.
Transition Checklist 2
Getting the most out of your transition to adulthood.
Helpful and simple checklist for those transitioning to adult life.

Weblinks - Transitions (New (01 2022))
Useful list of organisations and resources for SEND Parents and Carers.
Elita Cozens / Elita.Cozens@lincolnshire.gov.uk
LCC Working Together Team (WTT)
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WTT Presentation Slides (New 01 2022)
Who are WWT?, What do they do?, referral process
/ website.twtt.org.uk
LCC Young Carers Service
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Information Sheet
Information about how the service can support children and young people up to the age of 18 who help to care for someone at home.
Week of SEND - Example Young Carers Card

Young carers postcard
Information (postcard size)
Young carers poster
Hands up who cares?
Poster for displaying in schools or for promoting the service.

Sally / youngcarers@lincolnshire.gov.uk 01522 553275
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Education, Health and Care Needs assessment (EHCNA) for children in early years settings or at school

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC / EHCP)

Funding for special educational needs in mainstream schools

Meetings in School

SEN support in mainstream schools

Week of SEND - EHP Plans (Workshop Slides)

Week of SEND 22 - SEN and EHC slides (New 01 2022)
Just about all the key details a parent carer needs to know.
A must read if your child is receiving SEN support or needs an EHC.

Week of SEND 22 - SEN Support in Schools (Workshop Slides) (Updated 01 2022)
An updated slide set.
What if I do not agree with decisions about SEN provision?

What is SEN Support?
Special video from Liaise on SEN support. See link
/ liaise@lincolnshire.gov.uk. 0800 195 1635 lincolnshire.fsd.org.uk/kb5/lincs/fsd/family.page?familychannel=2_1_11
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Week of SEND 21 - Who are LiNCHigher? - Presentation Slides

/ linchigher.co.uk linchigher@bishopg.ac.uk
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue
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Home Safety Checklist
A very useful checklist for parents and families - DOs and DON'Ts
/ 01476 565441 lincolnshire.gov.org/lfr
Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
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Cerebra Internet Safety
A very comprehensive PDF covering internet safety for children with SEND.
Well worth reading as it covers almost everything one can even think of relating to internet safety.

LPCF Brochure
A basic 4 page flyer about LPCF (includes registration form but best done online)
What makes a good transition?
LPCF Parents guide.
/ admin@lincspcf.org.uk 07925 232466 www.lincspcf.org.uk
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) -Children and Young people(CYP)Services
Organisation Logo
Parent Carer Support Groups within CYP Services (New 01 2022)
Outline and links plus groups -
Parents of Children with Additional Needs Group
Parent Led Anxiety Group
Parent/carer Peer Support Group

/ 0800 234 6342 www.lpft.nhs.uk/young-people/lincolnshire/home
Lincolnshire Wolds Community Trust - The Avenue
Organisation Logo
The Avenue Slide Presentation (Updated 01 2022)

The Avenue Parent Leaflet (2021)

The Avenue Young Person Leaflet (Updated 01 2022)

/ marketing@lwf.lincs.sch.uk www.lwctrust.co.uk/
Lincolnshire Young Voices
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LYV Flyer

Tomorrows Leaders - a World Beyond Disability (8Mb)
An insight into what some young people with SEND have achieved as they get older.
Stories of their life and achievements in all aspects of life.
Feel free to share and inspire parents and young people that their future can be bright.

Week of SEND 21 - Presentation slides
Inspiring Change! - Together our voices make a difference
Week of SEND 22 Presentation Slides (New 01 2022)
LYV - Who are we? What do we do?
/ LincolnshireYoungVoices@lincolnshire.gov.uk www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/youngvoices
Linkage Community Trust
Organisation Logo
FREE to loan Sensory items from the Linkage library.
You can borrow up to 5 items at a time for up to 6 weeks.
They even offer a drop off service !!!

/ transition@linkage.org.uk 01472 372310/372303 www.linkage.org.uk
NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS)
Organisation Logo
Week of SEND - Sensory Processing Project Slides

/ 01522 513355 ext. 5461
NHS Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust’s Children’s Therapy Services
Organisation Logo
1st Move - A gross and fine motor skills resource

Chidrens Respiratory Service - YT Video (New 01 2022)

Infant Pilates - YT Video (New 01 2022)

Postural Care Training - YT Video (New 01 2022)

Sensory Living Skills (OT) (New 01 2022)
Practical support for your child’s daily living skills from
Children’s Occupational Therapy Service

/ www.lincolnshirechildrenstherapyservices.nhs.uk/
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Widget Leaflet (New 01 2022)

/ snap@alivechurch.org.uk 07900 635 366
The Children’s Hearing Services Working Group
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Children’s Hearing Services Working Group - [chizzywigs] (New 01 2022)
An brief outline of chizzywig for those who associated with deaf and hearing issues. (Inc contact details)

Lucy Holton / Lucy.Holton@mail.com 07725 131495
The Sleep Charity
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Week of SEND - Presentation slides

Claire / claire@thesleepcharity.org.uk 07568 052300 www.thesleepcharity.org.uk
Wills Providence
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Resource File / Links
Wills and Trusts Slides (01 2022)
A brief outline of essential information for parent carers to safeguard the future of their children.
Paul Belliere-Wilson / info@willsprovidence.co.uk 07920 043106 willsprovidence.co.uk/about/