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Awards Hall of Fame

The historical listing of each Award period since its start in 2017 are available for viewing below.
Each year two sets of awards are presented with winners receiving a Certificate and small financial prize.
Voting takes place after each period and positions 1,2,3 will change until voting concludes.
“We were nominated and it was a wonderful feeling” G Woodall

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jan-Jun

Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 26-04-2021
Nominee Name - Beth and Sharon Warwick
Nominee Service - Royal Vulcans Cheer and Dance

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate my daughters cheer/dance coaches Beth and Sharon for the SEND hero award.

My daughter is 11 and has multiple and complex additional needs including autism. We had long looked for an after school activity that she would enjoy and who would support her needs. We tried swimming, ballet and rainbows/brownies but none worked out for her. Then 3 years ago she attended a taster session for cheerleading with Royal Vulcans Cheer and dance.

Since then we have not looked back. Her coaches Beth and Sharon have completely embraced her difficulties and always try to find a way to include her in everything they do. They recognised quickly what her needs were and put things in place to ensure the sessions were accessible to her.

This included having extra staff/volunteers in sessions to support my daughter if she needed it meaning she could stay for the whole session and slowly build her confidence and skills. My daughter has gone from one hour a week doing Pom dance to doing 3 hours a week training In Pom, hip hop and stunt. She has gone on to compete at lots of competitions which she absolutely loves and lives for.

Over lockdown lessons had to move to zoom which my daughter struggled massively with. She just couldn’t keep up in a group situation and would become frustrated and she was losing her confidence. Her coach Beth was able to offer her private zoom lessons so she didn’t lose her skills and she slowly built her confidence back up. She was taught a Pom solo as well as a group Pom routine so that she was ready to go to competitions again when they restart.

My daughter has dyspraxia and low muscle tone so dance and cheer do not come naturally to her. She does not always make the same level of progress as her friends. Her coaches always find a way to keep her motivated and adapt awards to recognise her accomplishments and so she doesn’t become disheartened.

Her coaches always show my daughter that she is a valued member of the squad, even making her cheer captain for her squad last season. They offer encouragement and are so enthusiastic when teaching her it makes me tired just watching. My daughter is now able to take corrections to her dance to try and improve on what she can do which was unheard of before.

We never thought we would find something that could accommodate our daughter let alone embrace her differences so openly. She loves her cheer and dance and has come such along way. It would not have been possible without Beth and Sharon and I feel that they deserve recognition for all they have done for not only our daughter but for us as a family! Seeing her hit the floor in a competition, beaming from ear to ear, is something we never dreamed possible for her!

We would love for them to be recognised by winning the SEND hero award!
Thank you for reading!
2nd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 06-03-2021
Nominee Name - Branston community day nursery
Nominee Service - Childcare

Nomination Details
My sons nursery have really gone above and beyond. They have all learnt Makaton to communicate with him, they have been working along side physio and speech and language to encourage my son to take steps, walk and eat and explore food and overcome his sensory issues.

I am astounded by how amazing they have been and the extra work each key worker puts in to his development. Especially the SENCO George.
3rd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 21-02-2021
Nominee Name - Orthotics Department
Nominee Service -

Nomination Details
During the very trying year we have had, my son needed new orthotic insoles. Obviously we couldn't have a face to face appointment so they kindly sent him some new insoles in his new shoe size.

Then as soon as they could, my son was called for an appointment where he was given a couple of different insoles to try.

We were advised that we could ring and get full insoles if he wasn't getting on well with them. They are the only department that we have had a great response from during various lockdowns.
Nominated Date - 21-04-2021
Nominee Name - Jeanette Jameson
Nominee Service - Education

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Quadring Primary School for an award.
My son J has been there for 3 years and he has always had a full EHCP plan.

He has substantial medical difficulties and they have never batted an eyelid over what’s been asked - they’ve all been ventilator trained, they adapt after school clubs to allow him to attend despite needing 1:1, he goes on school trips and he is very much “one of the family”.

He may never excel academically but this school makes him feel valued and important and unique and when we beat so much about people not getting it right - we should congratulate them when they do. They are a superb team.
Nominated Date - 28-01-2021
Nominee Name - Inclusion 21 (Paul Hewlett & Megan Lyon)
Nominee Service - Adult day service

Nomination Details
Inclusion 21 is a newly started Adult Day Service in Skellingthorpe, Lincoln
My daughter has attended the day centre on a Thursday until Lockdown.

Inclusion 21 has gone above the call of duty in giving on line zoom calls 5 mornings a week for those unable to attend the centre, also 2 afternoons of activities, activity packs sent in the post, which have been so much fun!! Also a disco one evening a week.

Megan and Paul have made such an impact on so many peoples lives, Inclusion is certainly paramount.

This is from my daughter:
Inclusion 21 is a brilliant service, they put a smile on my face and they are winners in my eyes.

Nominated Date - 22-03-2021
Nominee Name - Toni Woods c/o Kisimul School and Residential Placement
Nominee Service - Education and Residential Setting

Nomination Details
All staff make my son feel very safe and are very intuitive of his needs.

Through the Therapeutic provision they deliver it has allowed my son to emotionally regulate and use his words again to express his wishes and needs something which he had not previously done for a long time.

Moving to the school and residential has been a huge transition for us, all staff have showed great empathy from the perspective of a 'whole family approach' and have supported us all through the process.

It is rewarding to hear how our son has built positive relationships with staff and interactive ones with peers it has given him a real 'sense of belonging' and 'quality of life' back which in turn has given us our son back.

We cannot thank them enough staff continue to strive to understand our son and meet his needs in creative ways that are meaningful to him.
Nominated Date - 07-05-2021
Nominee Name - Queen Elizabeth's High School
Nominee Service - Teaching assistants, SENCO and school system

Nomination Details
Since my son started at Queen Elizabeth's High School, we have received excellent help from them.

My son has excellent help and understanding for his Asperger’s not just from the SENCO department but from all the teachers and staff.

The go that extra mile, providing support and equipment, anything from a sensory cushion to sit on, to access to a quiet room that he (within reason) go to for anything from getting away from Hussle and bustle of school to a place to catch up with work.

His TA's are fantastic, they contact us regularly to keep us up to date with progress or any potential problems and our son responds extremely well to them.

We have open lines of communication with the school by email or phone and if we need to, we can make an appointment to speak to them directly face to face whenever we feel the need.
We have regular reports of how our son is getting on or any concerns and suggestions they may have, and he seems to be doing brilliant there.

This is all thanks to his school, Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough, the TA’s, SENCO, teachers and support staff.
Thank you

Nominated Date - 05-03-2021
Nominee Name - St Lawrence Team
Nominee Service - Education

Nomination Details
The team at St Lawrence have gone above and beyond during these difficult times.
My son has struggled with heightened anxiety manifesting in an extreme stress response with very real physical symptoms.

Chloe is part of the pastoral support team and has been pivotal in supporting him, however, the entire staff have been there for us even if it was behind the scenes.

The school has provided alternatives for education provision during the times when only part time attendance was possible and continue to be supportive as he prepares for full time school. Staff have emailed daily and telephoned weekly.

At no time have we felt unsupported and feel the school deserves recognition for their hard work.
Nominated Date - 21-04-2021
Nominee Name - Spectrum Gaming
Nominee Service - Spectrum Gaming

Nomination Details
Spectrum Gaming was set up by a group of autistic advocates who wanted to create a friendly and accepting community for autistic people who have a shared passion for gaming.
Our main focus is for autistic gamers to have some fun and make some friends in a safe and accepting environment.

Spectrum Gaming is a charity which supports autitic children and adults through gaming.

It has helped my son come out of his shell and find like minded children to play online with in a safe and welcoming environment.
Nominated Date - 30-03-2021
Nominee Name - Mr Williams
Nominee Service - Teaching assistant (East Wold PS)

Nomination Details
Mr Williams is the TA in my child's class (reception/yr1). He has gone above and beyond during lockdown to try and keep things as ‘normal’ as possible for the children especially those who had only just started school before being asked to home-school.

He is always the first to comment on children’s work and praise them. He is just so efficient, lovely and amazing with the children they all absolutely love him and we think he deserves credit for that
Nominated Date - 07-04-2021
Nominee Name - Mrs Ojeh
Nominee Service - Osbournby Primary School

Nomination Details
The school have always worked hard and always went above and beyond. The school is small and very nurturing and everyone knows my child and understands his needs. They run regular extra activities such as forest school and swimming.

They also hold loads of interesting events run by the PTA for the children. The TAs who run the wrap around care always have a friendly smile and a listening ear for both us parents and our child and makes the transition into school each day a breeze.

During lockdown they welcomed our child with open arms and it was a great relief to know that the routine that is so important to him would be the same.

The transition of the children back into school after lockdown was also very well managed and our child coped with the change well because of their support. When he has had to stay at home they regularly checked in to make sure us and him were ok.

They have always been open to any suggestion we have made about how to help our child and vice versa. I could not think of a better school for our child.

Nominated Date - 27-04-2021
Nominee Name - Louise Johnson
Nominee Service - Happy Hooves Equine Assisted Learning Centre

Nomination Details
My son has been attending 1:1 sessions with Louise at Happy Hooves for 3 years.

Louise is calm, patient and caring. She always ensures that his sessions are flexible and led by him, at the same time she helps him to achieve things he never thought he could. Louise goes out of her way to allow him to be involved in a way appropriate to him and has built a brilliant relationship with him.

Over lockdown she maintained as much normality as possible, through video calls and sending photos of the animals.

She has been a key part of the increase in my son’s confidence and self esteem and we are so grateful for everything she does.
Nominated Date - 27-01-2021
Nominee Name - Rebecca Linnell
Nominee Service - Carers First

Nomination Details
This lady has helped me and my family so much through the lockdown she has supported myself and my children so much nothing has been too much for this lady .

She’s helped me with devices, support groups, it’s such a wonderful Charity and zooms as well to support my mental health. Rebecca is outstanding and the charity.
Nominated Date - 22-02-2021
Nominee Name - Ellen Goodley
Nominee Service - Frampton Playgroup - key worker

Nomination Details
My son is at Frampton Playgroup since he has been attending the staff have all gone above and beyond meeting his care needs making sure he is able to use all activities set up for him safely
Nominated Date - 23-04-2021
Nominee Name - Hayley Jacklin
Nominee Service - Market Rasen pre-school

Nomination Details
Hayley goes above and beyond for every child in her setting, but even more so for those with additional needs. She champions every issue and fights tirelessly for support when needed.

She has gone out of her way to make sure my son is included in every activity when sensory issues would normally have stopped him. She has been to our home to make sure she can be present for virtual meetings for issues regarding my son's eating disorder and so she can hear advice first hand from specialists ready to implement it on returning to pre school.

She really is amazing and deserves recognition for all her hard work.
We all love her xxx
Nominated Date - 26-04-2021
Nominee Name - Sue Porthouse
Nominee Service - Portage

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Sue Porthouse because she is a star and has helped me and my family over and above the call of duty many times.

She looks outside the box to deliver personalised care and has always believed me.

I can not thank her enough she is always there for us no matter what. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her I just think this will be a perfect way to thank her.

Nominated Date - 26-04-2021
Nominee Name - Laura Bentham
Nominee Service - Community nurse

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate laura Bentham because she is a star and has helped me and my family over and above the call of duty many times.

She looks outside the box to deliver personalised care and has always believed me.
I cannot thank her enough.

She is always there for us no matter what.
I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her.

I just think this will be a perfect way to thank her.
Nominated Date - 06-05-2021
Nominee Name - Kathie Robson
Nominee Service - Young carers

Nomination Details
My daughter has autism and our house can be quite difficult at times - a lot of the time!
Kathie came to do an early help assessment and she was so understanding of our position.
I felt at ease with her and she had some very good ideas for our family.

The biggest thing she did was give my other daughter young carers meetings back again.

She had a round of 6 weeks worth previously which she found very helpful and enjoyed meeting other children who were going through the same thing.

I cannot praise the team who run the young carers meetings for my daughter enough. She finds them enjoyable and informative.

Thank you.

I do not know the name of the people who run the early help meetings so cannot add their names in.
Nominated Date - 12-05-2021
Nominee Name - Lucy Creasey
Nominee Service - Occupational therapist

Nomination Details
Lucy has worked with my youngest child, for a good few months now, including over lockdown.

My daughter has benefitted enormously from her sessions.
Lucy is a child focused, incredibly knowledgeable OT whose bottom line is helping the children and families she comes into contact with.

As a parent I rate her professional attitude, her flexibility, her drive to improve her working environment and skills.

My daughter absolutely loves going to Lucy and it doesn't feel like any sort of therapy takes place, however both and home and at school the changes have been amazing.
Nominated Date - 16-05-2021
Nominee Name - Cherida Gibson
Nominee Service - Teacher (Wilds Lodge)

Nomination Details
Excellent support to us at home as well as in school.

Provides emotional support and care to my son, well above our expectations which has had a massive positive impact on our family.
Nominated Date - 22-05-2021
Nominee Name - Carl mallett
Nominee Service - SEND Caseworker

Nomination Details
As a caseworker Carl has been amazing helping me through the tuff times faced, a credit to lcc .

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jul-Dec

Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 31-08-2021
Nominee Name - Tattershall Farm Park
Nominee Service - Leisure - Staff

Nomination Details
Tattershall farm park is my nomination for excellence award. They have kind caring staff who go the extra mile and always talk to my son when he asks lots of questions about past and present animals.

Also when my son had an accident and cut his foot, they couldn't have been more helpful and apologetic. One lady even got up on the back of Bella the cow to make my son laugh whilst he was having his cut seen to to distract him.

Such a wonderful place and lovely staff!
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 13-11-2021
Nominee Name - School
Nominee Service - Stickney Primary School

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate my son's school - Stickney Primary school - for an SEN hero award. He started last year in the pre school and transitioned to the primary school in September 2021.

My son has many, varying SEN needs and a disability and they have taken everything in their stride. They have asked for additional support from the visual impairment team so they can properly identify and support his needs. They have accepted all help from outside services like physio and OT with their normal cheery disposition.

My son has excelled since starting at Stickney. He is included in every activity; they strive to make everything accessible to him. Every member of the team makes him feel so valued and loved. He absolutely loves school and that is because of the tremendous effort the whole team have gone to, to ensure his needs are met. We have never let his needs prevent him from achieving anything and the school wholeheartedly support that ethos.

I wanted to nominate them for this award to show them how grateful I am that they have made my son so comfortable and embraced him fully with open arms. I wanted their hard work and dedication to supporting my son and all the other children with SEND to be recognised.
3rd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 29-07-2021
Nominee Name - Anwick Garden Centre
Nominee Service - Anwick Garden Centre

Nomination Details
The staff in the garden centre are always do helpful when I am shopping with my daughter, they take purchases to the till for me, they speak with her and make a huge fuss of her.

In the cafe nothing is too much trouble and any changes to meal items to accommodate my daughter is done without question and they make us feel so welcome.

They are a wonderful group of staff and allow us to have a relaxed trip out.
Nominated Date - 13-12-2021
Nominee Name - School
Nominee Service - Bourne Westfield School

Nomination Details
My son joined part way through his year 1 and he was suspected of having ADHD . The school has supported me through the whole process from coffee and support when I have struggled with him to helping me navigate the process. He was firstly diagnosed with autism, hypermobility , low melatonin and a sensory issue and later diagnosed with ADHD also. The school supported me through this from making sure he had the right chair, to giving him sensory classes to get him ready before school to Lego play to pencil, .

They have supported my other son with understanding autism and the pastoral team have worked with him to build his confidence as he targets his brother when he is in meltdown and emotional abuse which had a detrimental effect on his confidence. They gave him tools and somewhere safe to deal with this.

My son has been placed with different styles of teachers who have all been amazing with him. From a child who struggled with school , he now completes homework, deals with changes in routine well and has built some amazing relationships with each of them and bought the best out of him.

The Senco, Sharon Humphrey’s has been amazing support to me on a daily basis. She always asks how I am and if I need a coffee she is always on hand to support or signpost for help and support. When my sons medication started failing and he became extremely violent towards my other son and myself and we could not get in touch with the paediatrician, she was in constant contact with me and chasing the paediatrician to get the dose increased. She has supported me when I needed to remove him from school during Covid due to high risk support system. Making sure my son had the support he needed during this. She has talked me through all processes surrounding his care plan and makes sure I understand them

Like all kids on the spectrum we have good and bad days but without the support shown by the school and the teachers, my son wouldn’t be in this position and we wouldn’t be as a family without them.

Nominated Date - 02-10-2021
Nominee Name - Donna Smith
Nominee Service - Swimming teacher

Nomination Details
Donna is a swimming teacher and we were lucky enough to start 1:1 swimming lessons for our autistic son.

She listened to us and took time to understand his sensory needs and general anxieties.

She consults with him throughout all stages of the lesson, finds different strategies to meet his needs and has built his confidence no end. She is very skilled but also extremely kind.

She shows understanding and awareness of the issues affecting him and us as a family who are learning about his needs.

Nominated Date - 16-12-2021
Nominee Name - Mandy Sylvester
Nominee Service - Portage

Nomination Details
We would like to nominate Mandy because she is, by far, 1 of 2 of the most valuable professionals we have ever encountered.

She goes above and beyond, is always ready with new ideas (and knows who else to ask if her ideas run out), she is so completely committed to her job and the children she works with, she’s a huge emotional support, a family advocate, open minded, and always willing to learn more. She is never judgemental, never negative, and never ever gives up.

She is worth her weight in gold and we really couldn’t manage without her. She is just incredible and, if nothing else, I hope she gets to know how highly valued she really is.
Nominated Date - 23-07-2021
Nominee Name - Debbie Miller
Nominee Service - Portage Lincoln

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Debbie Miller for her outstanding support for both of my children over the last 2 years.

She has gone above and beyond to offer her advice and support to us whenever we need it. Even when she has been extremely busy or technically not at work she will always get back to us. She has vast knowledge with both my children and their needs, and even recognises issues and where support can be offered when others haven't identified those needs.

She offered support for my sons nursery and even target ideas which she didn't have to do. She always speaks and treats my children as though they are neurotypical and sees past the disability and pushes them to their full potential. The activities she organises takes alot of thought and understanding of individual needs to make sure they are safe, but still encouraging their development.

I believe she deserves recognition for her fantastic support and work over the last 2 years.
Nominated Date - 16-07-2021
Nominee Name - Ruth Hobbs
Nominee Service - KIDS Early Support and Learning Provision

Nomination Details
Ruth and the KIDS Lincoln have helped us so much, going out of their way to provide information, referrals, and support. My son goes to creche every Monday and the developments he is making are fantastic.

Ruth has really gone above and beyond to help us as a family, even letting me call her with any worries and letting me rant and rave as a mother and offering the best support and advice.
Nominated Date - 11-11-2021
Nominee Name - Claire Marsden
Nominee Service - Sensory Sessions

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Claire for an award. Claire runs a sensory session at Rainbow Stars Hub in Sleaford. This session and Claire's support has made such a difference to my daughter.

She has a safe place to visit on a regular basis where she can be herself! Claire has been so inclusive, my daughter has a number of severe food allergies and she ensures that she is fully included.
Nominated Date - 16-12-2021
Nominee Name - Becky Bailey
Nominee Service - Liaise

Nomination Details
I’d like to also nominate Becky as our 2nd of 2 most valued professionals. Becky is a pure diamond; she is kind, a good listener, her knowledge base is second to none, she is genuine, empathetic and above all- adaptable.

We have had the luck of working with Becky a few times now and each time she has taken the time, care and consideration to be truly neurodivergent PARENT friendly. Which is literally unheard of in society. Nothing is ever too much for her, she’s always cheerful and will always take the time to explain and write things in a way that is most accessible for the parents she’s working with.

She is Liaise’s best asset without a shadow of a doubt and she 100% deserves to know that families like us NEED professionals like Becky. Please please make sure she knows this and make sure other neurodivergent parent/ carers know that Becky is their woman for making these tricky processes actually accessible for us.
She is amazing!
Nominated Date - 13-11-2021
Nominee Name - School
Nominee Service - Gosberton Clough & Risegate School

Nomination Details
I would really like to nominate Gosberton clough and risegate school for their amazing SEN team!! I have had 2 children (one has left) both having ADHD and they have gone above and beyond for my children. I also know that another parent In the school who has had issues and a carer stepped in to look after the children and two of the teachers have the children one night each a month to give the carer some respite.

I know I can turn to the school for any support and help on anything and they are always there to do the best they can for me, it’s been such a relief to have that I can’t express how much it means to me.

Nominated Date - 18-11-2021
Nominee Name - Justin Beasor
Nominee Service - 1-1 at school

Nomination Details
I would like to mention the whole early years team at Stickney C of E Primary school especially Mrs Willerton & Natalie Hill the school Senco for everything they have done over the last couple of years to ensure everything possible was done and in place for when my my son started school.

But over that I would like to nominate Justin, my sons full time class 1 - 1 support.

Since day one he has gone above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure that he is settled and supported in setting, settling him in to the new school routine after a turbulent few years with Covid and time away from pre-school. My son is diagnosed with Autism and has the Micro Duplication 1Q21.1 which effects his social communication skills and understanding of the world.

Every morning Justin is ready at the school gates waiting for my son ready to take him in and settle him for the day, if my son has something to tell him he bends down and listens intently to him while he babbles away at him.

My son has gone from panicking from the moment we get in the car to crying and clinging on for dear life at drop off to telling me he's excited for school and to see Mr B.

We really couldn't have done it without him, we want to give him the recognition he deserves and to let him know just how appreciated he is.
Nominated Date - 12-08-2021
Nominee Name - The Deep
Nominee Service - Leisure - Staff

Nomination Details
I arrived at the Deep for my allocated time slot with my 11 year old who has ASD after a 90 minute journey. I realised I had forgotten my DLA letter to prove I was a carer.

My sons sunflower lanyard and card was in his bag at home. The staff member said don't worry, we will sort it. She mentioned that she too was autistic so understood everything. She asked if I could show her a DWP payment in to my bank account which I could and there was no issue.

She asked if we would like a sunflower lanyard whilst we were there, and would we like to borrow some ear defenders. She literally turned my stressed and flustered self around and we had an amazing time.

Just knowing that if we did need the ear defenders we could pop back and borrow some was so reassuring. I wish more places were so inclusive
Nominated Date - 30-08-2021
Nominee Name - Christa Haslam
Nominee Service - Sendco

Nomination Details
Mrs Haslam, my daughters teacher and also the school's Sendco, helped us persuade LCC to allow my daughter to repeat a year in Primary school before moving onto secondary.

She understood my daughters needs and liaised with the secondary school to get this agreed.