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Awards Hall of Fame

The historical listing of each Award period since its start in 2017 are available for viewing below.
Each year two sets of awards are presented with winners receiving a Certificate and small financial prize.
Voting takes place after each period and positions 1,2,3 will change until voting concludes.
“We were nominated and it was a wonderful feeling” G Woodall

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jan-Jun

Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 03-03-2020
Nominee Name - Carol Donohue
Nominee Service - Driving instructor

Nomination Details
Carol taught my older daughter (who has ASD and severe anxiety) to drive after a recommendation by another autistic friend who was taught by Carol. She was patient and good humoured, dealt with panic attacks calmly and helped my daughter to believe in herself and deal with anxious situations as well as learning to drive. She passed first time...
Carol now teaches my younger daughter (who has ASD, ADHD and anxiety). She is amazing with her, as my daughter can be a handful!
An example of what makes Carol special: on one day when she picked my daughter up from school for a lesson she immediately spotted that my daughter wasn't 'right'. She asked her about it and my daughter broke down. Carol supported her, rang me to tell me and drove her the half hour journey to our home, as she wasn't up to a lesson. Carol insisted on staying with my daughter until I was able to get home (even though my daughter was calm by then and both she and I assured Carol that she was okay alone) and refused to be paid for her time... That is way beyond the call of duty!
2nd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 18-02-2020
Nominee Name - Beth Turner
Nominee Service - Headstart nursery

Nomination Details
Beth has gone above and beyond for my little boy , I already have an older child on the autistic spectrum at Sandon school who previously attended Headstart. The care they gave my first child who needs 24/7 one to one care was incredible . I moved here from Nottingham, without Head start I would not have coped .
When my youngest was put with Beth as his key worker she quickly picked up that he also is on the autistic spectrum . She got him all the reports, funding and care needed to be diagnosed before school in September this had been a huge relief and help for me as a parent . Without this nursery as a mum I feel I would not have managed with all of this .They are amazing caring and supportive .
3rd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 30-04-2020
Nominee Name - Elizabeth Kilbon
Nominee Service - Little Miracles South Holland

Nomination Details
I wish to nominate Little Miracles South Holland for the Excellence Awards nomination.

The charity has been a great support to myself and my family through organising local support sessions, free play sessions, school holiday and activities and days out which includes the private hire of the Fun Farm and Castle Sports Complex.

Elizabeth Kilbon and Marc Kilbon are both amazing organisers. They have 3 adorable children, aged 2,10 and 9. Their son has additional needs and yet they have done so much for us all.

My eldest girl is non verbal Autistic and before we didn’t have a social network however now we attend all Friday sessions when Elizabeth and Marc both run a group session at Tonic Health, where us parents with children who have additional needs and disabilities can meet without risk of judgement or exclusion. They do an activity every week, so that the children have something to focus on with no pressure to join in, they are free to just come along and play. Also organising outings during school holidays such as Alton Towers, Skegness Aquarium and Legoland to name just some of them, these trips mean the world to us. As a non driving family we wouldn’t usually have access to days out like this otherwise, and Liz is also there to organise and get everyone through as a priority so that we do not need to wait in long queues which is so helpful when your child is unable to keep still for long. They also run a youth group for the older ones.

These sessions and trips also include the siblings so everything is based on the whole family which is so nice.

Since March with everything going on during lockdown all activities and sessions and outings have all been postponed which is a shame. But Liz and Marc have still worked to help all of us families.. Delivering packs to us weekly with craft items, food supplies, plant pots and bulbs and Easter eggs. They are both truly amazing and doing a fantastic job and both deserve a massive medal and to be nominated!

The support has continued online through the social distance period doing a group chat on zoom so we can all see and chat to each other. Online activities, links to learning resources, videos of how to use the craft materials and generally a casual message to check on everyone’s well being.

Little Miracles South Holland is not just a support group but like being part of a larger family which we are proud to be a part of and this is why we would like to nominate them for this award.

Nominated Date - 15-01-2020
Nominee Name - Tydd at Mary primary school
Nominee Service - Primary school

Nomination Details
All staff at the school have gone above and beyond their usual duties to ensure that my twin boys are settled, happy and are able to achieve their goals. The school has rearranged certain routines to help the boys, staff have stayed on after school hours without pay so the boys can enjoy after school clubs without anxiety. They have sincerely been interested in knowing the boys idiosyncrasies, their interests etc and have become a very valued part of the boys lives. It is extremely clear that the school staff care about the boys and they are not just a number.this school truly deserves recognition for their dedication,sincerity and enthusiasm to providing the best education to all children.
Nominated Date - 29-04-2020
Nominee Name - Verity Stow.
Nominee Service - Barbers

Nomination Details
We met Verity when my son was very small, and at the time due to sensory issues, he hated having his hair cut, it was very stressful for him, and going to a barbers was not a successful or pleasant experience for any of us.
Verity offered to come to our home and took as long as was needed to calm my son and cut his hair. This continued for 5 years, with Verity coming to cut my sons hair first thing in a morning before starting work at her barbers shop. Gradually due to her patience, and kindness he began to accept having a haircut on a regular basis without any tears or distress. Verity always brought him a little treat as a reward.
Due to the coronavirus lockdown we are unable to see her at the minute, but last weekend, he allowed me to cut his hair with the clippers which for him (and me) is a huge breakthrough. He was very proud of himself.
It would be lovely if Verity could receive your acknowledgement for her kindness, and perseverance. Thank You.
Nominated Date - 17-06-2020
Nominee Name - Jane Ramsay
Nominee Service - Kirkstone independent school

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Jane Ramsay. My son has had an awful year as from last September he hasn’t attended full time school more due to lack of understanding. He was put on a part time timetable as they couldn’t manage his needs. We put in for a parental EHCP for my son which has been an extremely long process. We went in search of a school that would understand his autism and make sure he could start learning, something that hasn’t worked in the last two mainstream schools and he is only 8!!
We thought out of the box and found Kirkstone house in Baston. We were accepted with open arms on a two week trial which he loved. He was supposed to start after Easter full time but due to COVID 19 this hasn’t been possible. Unfortunately he failed two risk assessments at his present school which he is still on roll at, so has been unable to go there dispite him having an ehcp. I have had to ask Mrs Ramsay for some support for him and again he has been welcomed with open arms!
I couldn’t thank her enough he finally feels he has found some small corner of acceptance and grows in confidence at every zoom meeting.
I feel she has gone above and beyond as my son isn’t yet on roll there.
Nominated Date - 11-06-2020
Nominee Name - Claire Moore & Nicky Jones
Nominee Service - The Garth School

Nomination Details
I am nominating 2 people.

Claire & Nicky always work so very hard at The Garth School in Spalding but the hours and commitment that they have both had to put in since the pandemic of COVID 19 they really have gone that extra mile for everyone because their priority is the children. From being able to work out which children could be in school, timetables, bubbles and the list goes on.

I have had lots of behaviour issues with my son and they have both been supporting me mentally as well as getting my son back after school after 7 weeks at home. They are working very closely with us as a family to help try and improve our life at home with various strategies.

I know they are both only a phone call away and will do anything they can in their power to help.

Everyone at The Garth is amazing in my opinion but both of them currently are true heroes.

Thanks for reading

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jul-Dec

Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 21-10-2020
Nominee Name - Alison Evans
Nominee Service - Sunshine children’s centre

Nomination Details
Everyone at this charitable early years centre are amazing .

My little girl started there at age 2, they helped refer her for ASD and supported the family through the process . When she was diagnosed they were quick to get the right funding for extra support and always gave me lots of information of where to get more support . They left no stone uncovered and always made themselves available to talk to with any concerns.

During national lockdown they made a place available for her even though we hadn’t managed to complete her EHCP which they kept on top of and was completed before my daughter started reception.

They went above and beyond for us in June when my husband passed away suddenly, they offered extra support and hours if needed .
The SENCO Alison knew that my daughter would not understand what had happened with her daddy and there were no books that an ASD 4 year old would understand. Alison made a personalised book for her to try and explain where daddy had gone, this is a book that she reads every night . So much thought and care was put into this and I know the effort that was put in.

They helped with the transition from there to school which has gone great even though it was very different to what it would have normally been .
2nd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 02-07-2020
Nominee Name - Angela Pinchin
Nominee Service - Family liaison Bourne Westfield school

Nomination Details
Once lockdown commenced, about a week in I had a lovely email from Angela checking up to see if I was ok and if I needed anything to get in touch via email. About a week later I was in despair didn't know what to do I was really struggling with my daughter who has dyspraxia.

She emailed me back and asked if I would like her to call, my reply was a big yes. Angela has phoned every week since sometimes even twice a week speaking to me and my daughter if she wants to talk to her. Giving me helpful advice for my daughter, pointing me in the direction of help for me too.

Angela thinks of everything and always so helpful. Angela has always reminded me that I'm doing a great job.

I don't think I would have got through this without her.
3rd Place
Icon Podium PositionNominated Date - 01-12-2020
Nominee Name - Matthew Bloodworth Flatt
Nominee Service - The Priory Special School Spalding

Nomination Details
My Daughter is Autistic, has ADHD and complex learning difficulties. She is also extremely hypersensitive to noise. She has been school refusing for 18 months now and has severe school anxiety. Since Mr Flatt took over the headship at the Priory school he has shown nothing but patience and understanding. Not only towards my Daughter and her very obvious struggles, but towards us as a family.

He has worked closely with us and every professional involved to create a support network for my daughter whilst she attends school, including a reduced timetable and enhanced support within the classroom. I am also Autistic myself and he has shown me incredible understanding, kindness and patience. I can be a handful sometimes and often misunderstood.

I think Mr Flatt deserves some recognition and acknowledgement for his hard work at The Priory and for everything he’s done and continues to do for my Daughter so that she can continue to attend the school I know she loves.
Nominated Date - 12-12-2020
Nominee Name - Branston community day nursery
Nominee Service - Nursery

Nomination Details
From day 1 my sons nursery have been amazing. They have gone above and beyond in helping him settle and feel comfortable, and aid his development. They made him a picture book with pictures of the building, rooms, nappy change area and his key worker so we could keep looking at it over lockdown so he recognised everything.

During lockdown my son had some outdoor 1 on 1 play dates with his key worker just to keep the relationship going as he was new to nursery before covid hit. They have done everything to aid his physio and help him do strengthening but in a fun way.

The nursery Makaton course was cancelled due to covid but this didn’t stop the nursery and his key worker George learn some signs and do a sign of the week with the other children.

They really do so much and more for my son and are so enthusiastic with helping him develop
Nominated Date - 30-11-2020
Nominee Name - Michelle Ramsbottom
Nominee Service - Student support co-ordinator (SEND) Lincoln College

Nomination Details
Michelle Ramsbottom is tireless, adaptable and inventive in her support of my daughter (diagnosed with Asperger's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Anxiety), amongst all the other students that she helps with EHCP meetings etc. My daughter is now in her 3rd year; if it wasn't for Michelle's help, I know that she could not have coped.

If every college office had a dedicated person like Michelle, then many more disabled students could thrive in a mainstream setting.
Nominated Date - 26-10-2020
Nominee Name - Kayleigh Leavers
Nominee Service - Bearhugs Nursery Tattershall

Nomination Details
As an early years professional myself I have in the past found it quite difficult to find the early years provision for my oldest two children. For my youngest daughter, who was diagnosed ASD before her 3rd birthday I found a complete super star for her in Kayleigh at Bearhugs.

Kayleighs genuine love and passion for her work as a practitioner and SENDCO shines through everything she does. Never did she pass judgement on the quirky behaviours or the struggles my daughter had. Kayleigh is the most calm and patient person I have ever met which my daughter really connected with, I imagine my daughters mind to be quite chaotic so I think she really appreciated Kayleighs calm.

The level of effort put into my daughters EHCP and school transition was above and beyond. Again being a practitioner myself I have witnessed during my career the not so good practice but with Kayleigh I truely witnessed outstanding practice and because of her my daughter had her EHCP completed and ready before she started in mainstream school and 100% of this is why my daughters transition to school has gone so smoothly.

Not only did I see this dedication towards my child I see it every day towards all the children at Bearhugs.

I am blessed to not just call her my colleague but a friend too and a friend I will be forever grateful to.
Nominated Date - 16-08-2020
Nominee Name - susie Mcloud
Nominee Service - Occupational Therapy ( Neuro rehabilitation Team - adults)

Nomination Details
Susie is the best social worker we have had. She actually listened to us and helped us get carers for in the night. Nothing is too much trouble.