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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
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Awards Hall of Fame

The historical listing of each Award period since its start in 2017 are available for viewing below.
Each year two sets of awards are presented with winners receiving a Certificate and small financial prize.
Voting takes place after each period and positions 1,2,3 will change until voting concludes.
“We were nominated and it was a wonderful feeling” G Woodall

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jan-Jun

Nominated Date - 13-01-2022
Nominee Name - Mrs Giles at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy
Nominee Service - Full time support assistant - Mrs Giles - Bourne Westfield Primary Academy

Nomination Details
I’d like to nominate someone for an Excellence Award.My daughter is 6, in Year 1 and goes to Bourne Westfield Primary Academy. My daughter has a Global Developmental Delay and receives full time support whilst in class. The entire school have been beyond brilliant with everything they do with her. They have worked tirelessly and have established the most brilliant environment for her to flourish and despite being behind academically, she loves going to school. I cannot speak highly enough of what the school have done for her.

My daughters full time support in class is Mrs Giles, and this is who I’d like to nominate. Mrs Giles has been with my daughter from Reception (under Miss Binder who was also absolutely superb) and presently in year 1 (with Miss Ward who is absolutely fantastic).

Mrs Giles has played a massive part in who my daughter is becoming as a girl and her enthusiasm for her role is incredible. She is creative, always looking for new ways to do things, positive, and has built up a brilliant rapport with her. She’s been excellent at understanding her needs, establishing and completing targets whilst also helping her in some of the non academic things such as going to the toilet and building her independence. Mrs Giles has also been excellent working with her in Makaton signs helping to develop speech and language. She has been absolutely superb since she started school and really feel she is deserving of this award.

Nominated Date - 12-01-2022
Nominee Name - Willoughbyacademy
Nominee Service - Specialist school

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate the Willoughby school in Bourne Lincolnshire.

It is an amazing school, the teachers are all fabulous, it makes the children feel happy and part off the Willoughby family.

The school goes out off the way to make sure the children are happy and to meet the needs off the children and to treat all children as individuals.
Nominated Date - 13-01-2022
Nominee Name - John Chambers
Nominee Service - LPCF

Nomination Details
From the moment I joined the Facebook group John went above and beyond to help me. Being a family who have moved from a different county it’s really difficult to know where to start with regards to services.

The GP wasn’t much help (not really up to date with some of the disabilities my son has) We live in a small village, so to have something like this, that I can access remotely is amazing and is going to make such a difference to myself.

I think as parents we always wonder if we’re doing enough? But as a parent of a child with multiple complex needs and disability’s you are always asking yourself have I done enough, am I researching enough, am I working hard enough to make sure my child gets what they need to live as best quality of life they can. John sent me lots of information, lots of pointers and within the information what was important in a time sensitive order. I really cannot thank him enough.
Nominated Date - 13-01-2022
Nominee Name - Hayley Northing
Nominee Service - Little pickles pre school

Nomination Details
Hayley is an amazing senco.

She goes above and beyond her role. She spends hours filling in paperwork and building evidence to develop early help care plans and Paediatric referrals. Most of all she treats my son as her own.

She shows him so much love and care. She has been a 1 to 1 for him when the funding for this has not been granted.

She's been a Senco for many years and she needs to be shown she is appreciated.
Nominated Date - 19-01-2022
Nominee Name - Mrs E Brindle
Nominee Service - SenCo

Nomination Details
My daughter has recently gone through ADHD assessment and the process of getting an EHCP. Greenwich house have been incredibly supportive every step of the way, even when meetings and paperwork had been due during school holidays.

Mrs E Brindle in particular has supported my daughter and the family during the process. She has been advocating for my daughter and going above and beyond to ensure the support is in place for her.
Nominated Date - 05-02-2022
Nominee Name - Elaine cox
Nominee Service - Nursery worker

Nomination Details
I would like to nominate Elaine because without her I don't think me and my son would have got where we are today.
Nominated Date - 06-02-2022
Nominee Name - Joni Clark
Nominee Service - Parent

Nomination Details
As Chair of LPCF my thanks go to the many parents who attended the "Week of SEND", but one name kept popping up in the waiting room!

I would like to nominate Joni for the LPCF Excellence award as she attended a massive 25 out of the 26 sessions during the "week of send".

This shows a huge amount of commitment and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your support and for prioritising the "Week of SEND" whilst juggling the needs of your family.
It is appreciated.
Nominated Date - 08-02-2022
Nominee Name - Gemma Pyatt
Nominee Service - St Michael's c of e primary school

Nomination Details
Our son has severe, trauma and attachment issues with possible undiagnosed autism/ADHD. Mrs Pyatt is his EYFS teacher.

Jay has struggled with learning and now extra aggression and violence in the classroom. Mrs Pyatt has been extremely supportive and has been the main reason he is still in a mainstream environment today.

She has made many adjustments within the classroom and used her own time to attend meetings and put things together to support him. He has been very physically abusive towards her and she always greets him with a smile and gives us so much time. She even gets upset because she says she adores him.

She is the best support in the world to us.
Nominated Date - 08-02-2022
Nominee Name - Mrs Sarah Davies
Nominee Service - Mrs Davies-Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn

Nomination Details
Mrs Davies has gone out of her way to make sure my son has the right reasonable adjustments in place for him to achieve all he is capable of.

He survived transition to year 7 and is thriving in year 8 with her support and the great team that works with her.
Nominated Date - 14-02-2022
Nominee Name - Mark Rands
Nominee Service - Kyo Shin Marshall Arts

Nomination Details
Mark and his team have been fantastic. They have welcomed my son, adapted to his needs and going to class has boosted his self confidence beyond measure.

He looks forward to going each week and has made friends outside of school which is a huge step.
Nominated Date - 08-03-2022
Nominee Name - Kerry Hill
Nominee Service - Cahms

Nomination Details
Kerry has been supporting our child and has been amazing, she just is so kind and really works as best she can to help.
She has been so helpful in supporting them and also us as a family.

She is always replying to emails in a professional and timely manner and it really has been more helpful than anyone can ever know.

She has honestly made such a difference and we need more Kerry's!!

Thank you.
Nominated Date - 01-04-2022
Nominee Name - Ian Lawrence
Nominee Service - Organises Airsoft events in lincolnshire

Nomination Details
Ian and his team of Marshalls are all so very attentive of my son and his needs and they all keep an eye out for him at the events. The sport encourages the kids to get away from their screens and my son finds it very therapeutic and inclusive.
Ian offers all newcomers who are children to come and play for free on their first day and he provides them with all the equipment hire for free also.
Since my son has been going to LAC (Lincolnshire Airsoft Club) he has really come out of his shell, become more confident and his moral and self worth have improved. Such an inclusive and encouraging community of players and I thoroughly recommend it to other parents of autistic children. Ian and his team of Marshalls all consistently go the extra mile for the children.
Nominated Date - 03-04-2022
Nominee Name - Sue Belton
Nominee Service - SENCO

Nomination Details
Sue has been amazing, helping refer my son to Lincs Community Paediatrics for ASD Assessment, supporting us through the diagnosis process (even offering to come to an appointment at Boston Pilgrim with me), always great, prompt communication & support on email & face to face, no matter how big/small the matter raised.

Allowed my son to attend in lockdown Spring 2021 as he'd struggled so much in first lockdown, even though his diagnosis wasn't given until 24.12.21. The best Head/SENCO you could wish for!
Nominated Date - 03-04-2022
Nominee Name - Lincoln Hospital Diabetes Team
Nominee Service - Peads diabetes team at LCH

Nomination Details
Son was diagnosed with type one diabetes in November and the support from the team during admission and on return home has been great.

They have made a positive difference as have been very supportive with his new diagnosis, at 13 they have supported both him and his family. Providing extra 1.1 training to family at request.

During our hospital stay they ensured he has a good understanding and offered reassurance that he can lead a normal life
The team also provided a supportive letter to allow access for carers whilst we awaited DLA proof.

They offer 24 hour support as required and sharon has supported directly with issues at school and with sons father lack of confidence. To ensure my son remains safe
This also allows us to feel more confident as we know we have back up if required.

There are currently no Awards to display for Jul-Dec