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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
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Awards Hall of Fame

The historical listing of each Award period since its start in 2017 are available for viewing below.
Each year two sets of awards are presented with winners receiving a Certificate and small financial prize.
Voting takes place after each period and positions 1,2,3 will change until voting concludes.

Hall of Fame Award Nominations for Jan-Jun

Nominated Date - 15-01-2020
Nominee Name - Tydd at Mary primary school
Nominee Service - Primary school

Nomination Details
All staff at the school have gone above and beyond their usual duties to ensure that my twin boys are settled, happy and are able to achieve their goals. The school has rearranged certain routines to help the boys, staff have stayed on after school hours without pay so the boys can enjoy after school clubs without anxiety. They have sincerely been interested in knowing the boys idiosyncrasies, their interests etc and have become a very valued part of the boys lives. It is extremely clear that the school staff care about the boys and they are not just a number.this school truly deserves recognition for their dedication,sincerity and enthusiasm to providing the best education to all children.
Nominated Date - 18-02-2020
Nominee Name - Beth Turner
Nominee Service - Headstart nursery

Nomination Details
Beth has gone above and beyond for my little boy , I already have an older child on the autistic spectrum at Sandon school who previously attended Headstart. The care they gave my first child who needs 24/7 one to one care was incredible . I moved here from Nottingham, without Head start I would not have coped .
When my youngest was put with Beth as his key worker she quickly picked up that he also is on the autistic spectrum . She got him all the reports, funding and care needed to be diagnosed before school in September this had been a huge relief and help for me as a parent . Without this nursery as a mum I feel I would not have managed with all of this .They are amazing caring and supportive .
Nominated Date - 03-03-2020
Nominee Name - Carol Donohue
Nominee Service - Driving instructor

Nomination Details
Carol taught my older daughter (who has ASD and severe anxiety) to drive after a recommendation by another autistic friend who was taught by Carol. She was patient and good humoured, dealt with panic attacks calmly and helped my daughter to believe in herself and deal with anxious situations as well as learning to drive. She passed first time...
Carol now teaches my younger daughter (who has ASD, ADHD and anxiety). She is amazing with her, as my daughter can be a handful!
An example of what makes Carol special: on one day when she picked my daughter up from school for a lesson she immediately spotted that my daughter wasn't 'right'. She asked her about it and my daughter broke down. Carol supported her, rang me to tell me and drove her the half hour journey to our home, as she wasn't up to a lesson. Carol insisted on staying with my daughter until I was able to get home (even though my daughter was calm by then and both she and I assured Carol that she was okay alone) and refused to be paid for her time... That is way beyond the call of duty!

There are currently no Awards to display for Jul-Dec