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Every parent carer of a child with SEND probably has a little top tip for other parents.
As we meet we share them over coffee or at gatherings, but LPCF got to thinking how do we share tips to a wider audience of parents?

And so was born - LPCF's Top Tips which can just be read through at random or filtered by category to ease searching


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Keep a “diary”(large pages suggested) Record appointments, who, where, when, subject Write down who you saw, the discussion, facts. Make sure to record any agreements and outcomes

Dress up for meetings and look like a professional. You'd be amazed at the difference in attitudes from others. Also take a folder, pen and notepad. Looks like you mean business.

When meeting professionals etc BE PREPARED Dates, Documents, Summary issues, Key points to discuss with the person and most importantly be clear about your desired outcomes and options. Also read up about your rights.