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Person Blank PlaceholderLPCF are looking for extra volunteers to help run the organisation for the benefit of parent / carers of SEND children.


Worried about the word Volunteer and not sure of what the role of a Volunteer is?


Before we start - Can anyone become a Volunteer?

We like our volunteers to be Parent Carers registered with us as they have a wealth of knowledge and experiences in dealing with Children with SEND, however this is not always essential in some volunteering roles. eg some individuals will only involve themselves with creating a Newsletter etc



Firstly lets get some key facts

Bullit Point

Remember LPCF has been run for 10 years by Parent Carers the same as yourself

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Volunteers are unpaid individuals who help run LPCF (some expenses are payable eg Travel)

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You do not necessarily require any particular skills as our volunteers go through a comprehensive induction process.

Bullit Point We would really appreciate interest from individuals who do have specific skills which would benefit LPCF eg organisation , event planning, legal, financial, organisation etc
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Obvious to say but, being a Volunteer will take up some of your time

Bullit Point The role of a Volunteer can be very rewarding and additional specialist training can be provided if required
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Volunteers may fulfil a number of roles which could include:-



Creating brochures.

Distributing to schools in local areas

Staffing a promotional stand at an event


Setting out halls / venues

Assisting with catering

Registering people on arrival

Organising small events

Representing LPCF For those with confidence and experience you could attend partner, agency meeting to represent parents views from LPCF
Gathering information

Distributing and Collecting survey forms in schools

Collating information from parents

Helping parents fill in form to express their views

FundraisingIt is not all Fundraising but we do run raffles, a lottery etc to help with income.

Etc .........................

Have you got a specific talent or skill that you feel would help us ??


What Next??

Drop us a line as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

Have a look at our introductory Welcome Pack for Trustees and Volunteers LINK (Download .Doc)

Once Read, for those interested in appying please see our Volunteer Recruitment pack (inc Application Form) Link

Volunteer Plaque


What type of person makes a good LPCF Volunteer

Bullit Point A commitment to Lincs PCF
Bullit Point Understanding the needs and experiences of Parent Carers
Bullit Point Spare time to offer the Charity
Bullit Point Get on well with people
Bullit Point Prepared to have a go and adapt
Bullit Point Good set of communication skills
Bullit Point Friendly and approachable