Many thanks to our generous donors


Well Head Centre (Apr 2018 )

Donor Well Head Centre

Many many thanks to for the surprise donation of £300 from the Well Head Centre


Your donation, out of the blue is a wonderful token of appreciation and lets our team know that all their effort and work is valued.


Fundraising Quiz (December 2017)

LPCF are grateful to the Castle Sports Complex and especially their staff member Josh for putting together an excellent fundraising Quiz Night in aid of LPCF
Parent Carer Donor Letter
14 teams battle their way through a number of rounds before the reckoning

Sadly the two LPCF teams who attended only managed to reach a mid league status coming 7th and 8th but still very proud being amongst the well practiced quiz veterans

At the conclusion Tim thanked Josh and the Castle's organising team and participants for their support in raising over £100 for the charity

Coffee Morning Parent Nominates LPCF for funds (May 2017 )


Donor Eric


Christina Love, who was on the Gleed Parents Group kindly nominated us to receive a special £150.00 donations.

Many thanks to her and the friends of Spalding Academy


Thank you Christina and be assured it will be put to good use !

Eric our special donor (Jan 2017 )

Donor Eric

Eric, a regular at our Spalding Coffee Events is such a generous chap


As well as giving back his Lottery winning during the past year,

Eric recently presented a cheque £250.00 to the charity and thanked them for their sterling work


Many thanks to Eric for his kind generosity and support over the years. A true gent !

Parent Carer Donor Letter

October 2016

In October 2016 we were very pleased to receive a kind donation from one of our Lottery members.

She had win our small and largest prize, both within a few months and bought her new cat Lacy.

The letter she sent was a kind than you for all of LPCFs hard work and donating her £50 winnings back to LPCF.

A really big thank you Heather - very much appreciated

Click to see larger view of letter

Coop Community Champions (Dec 2015 - April 2016)

LPCF Community Champion cq Presentation

Absolutely fabulous news - over £1000 Raised


We were notified that the Co-op Community Champions in Spalding raised over £1000 for our Charity over the Christmas period.


Our grateful thanks to them and all who supported us.


Sally, Michelle and Coralie met with staff in
Late April to receive the much appreciated cheque


A big thanks to Welland Print.

Welland Print


In March-April 2016 we needed to produce 26000 surveys for distribution.


Not only did Pete and his team give a preferential rate for the printing but recognised the urgency of our need and produced the good a week ahead of Schedule.



Donor Eric

Generous Lottery Winner Eric


Who says lightning does not strike Thrice ???


Our regular Spalding coffee morning visitor and supporter Eric has won in our lottery for a THIRD time !!!


However Eric really appreciates the work of LPCF and generously has AGAIN donated the winnings back to LPCF to continue their work.



Many thanks Eric AGAIN - you are a SUPER star.


Donor Gift

Another 2015 Xmas present for LPCF


A big thank you to Steph Simpson.

She won the the December 50:50 club draw

And kindly donated her winnings back to LPCF.


2015 Xmas present for LPCF


Donor Heart

Alan Wilson has donated his November Lottery Club winnings back to LPCF .


What a generous chap.


Very much appreciated Alan - hope you have a good Xmas and New Year


LPCF logo


Without publicity and getting our message out LPCF would find it difficult to provide a network and information for parents.





A very big thank you goes to to Janet and Fiona Cashman who kindly sponsored our publicity.


Donor Heart


Thank you to Polly, Janet, Fiona, Joy and Nev from the Sleaford Coffee morning who gave donations towards our Annual Picnic and summer fayre.




Thanks go to Carol and Heather who donated all the proceeds from cakes and cards at the summer fayre to LPCF. 


Donor Heart



25th Wedding Anniversary Party


A big thank you to

Sally and Neil who gave LPCF a generous donation towards our funds.


Here's to the next 25 years!





Donor - Sally from BucklesThanks to Carol who most of you know for her cakes.


She kindly donated her lottery winnings back to LPCF.


Carol also received a special cake making request from one of our members and donated the money to LPCF funds.

Big Thank you !!


A Big Thank you to Sarah from Buckles Solicitors who kindly gave us a large donation towards our funds.Donor - Sally from Buckles


Sarah also is a strong supporter of our events attending several in recent times and providing her specialist input to parents/ carers.


We are most grateful for your help and support.

Big Thank you !!

Donor Eric


Who says lightning does not strike twice ???


Our regular Spalding coffee morning visitor and supporter Eric has won in our lottery for a second time !!!


However Eric really appreciates the work of LPCF and generously has donated the winnings back to LPCF to continue their work.


Many thanks Eric - you are a star.


The kindness of folk never ceases to amaze us.


Donor Heart

Eric and Theresa have donated their winnings from our lottery club.

A Big Thank for your kind generosity.


An anonymous donation has been made from a lady who won the Monks Rd Working Mens Club Lottery.


Also - Donations from Sally's coffee morning in Sleaford


Thanks You for your generosity.

Chocolate Donation


Cheers Rachel !!!


Many thanks to Rachel, one of our Trustees who celebrated her 50th Birthday in style and gave us a generous donation towards our funds.


Rachel and her daughter Zoe at her special birthday party

Donors Masons Gift

The LPCC were very fortunate to receive a generous donation from the Masonic Lodge at the beginning of October.

A representative kindly presented members of our team with a cheque on behalf of the Masonic Lodge.

He mentioned that there are 68 Masonic Lodges in Lincolnshire and over the next two- three weeks in October they will be handing out approximately £70K to charities and good causes.

Rachel, one of our Team members submitted a proposal and the lodge were very impressed with the work we do for parents and carers of children with disabilities and SEN. LPCF would like to say a massive

Thank you to the Lodge for their kind donation which will be used to support the work of the LPCC and also to Rachel for proposing us.

Chocolate Donation


Chocolate raffle donation


Karen Stubb Manager Spar Shop,

Parthian Avenue, Wyberton, Boston.



Salsa Loco Boston UK and Carl Dunham, Boston.

Chocolate DonationChocolate Donation



Various prizes and gifts used at LPCC events and Coffee Mornings.


Many thanks to Rachel Boothby (Parent Partnership) for her generous donations.


Much appreciated