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The LPCF Awards seeks to allow parents an opportunity to identify some positivity.

It is seeking to identify






who have provided excellent service to their families relating to SEND practice.



To both the parent carers etc who made nominations to LPCF for our excellence Award July - December 2018



Several nominations were received during the nomination period and the judging team found this periods Award the most difficult to judge to date with so many worthy individuals being proposed.


The winner, by only one point, will receive a recognition of achievement award certificate and a small financial prize

Other nominees will also be made aware for their nominations where we have contact details etc


Well Done !!! to All the nominatees and thanks to all those who nominated them


Results    1 July - 30 December 2018

Shannon Picker (Winner)


Horse Riding Trainer

Nominated by Teresa Barnes
My son’s horse trainer since he was 5 years old - now aged 8
Shannon is by far my favourite coach of any kind. She has such an amazing positive attitude and is never grumpy or down. She has given me the confidence to ride after a 30 year break. She has coached my sensory impaired son with such amazing attitude. She is the kindest most lovely young woman. 

A few years ago she lost her 30 something brother in a tragic car accident. It was the same date a year on from having to have her beloved pony put down. 

She had arrived home and found the whole family looking solemn and was touched they remembered the anniversary only to be told the news of her brother, who left a wife and two young children. 

The accident had occurred just a few yards from the stables she works full-time at, by a small tree which always has orange ribbons attached to it - the colour orange is the colour of his beloved car the accident happened in.

Julie Vincent

(Runner Up)


Lincolnshire Children with Disabilities Team - Social Care Support

Nominated by Emma Atkinson
Julie first met us when we were in crisis. Over 3 years, she identified and prioritised my son’s needs and empowered me to stand up for these when faced with professionals all focusing on their individual agendas. 

She has helped us to establish life beyond the difficulties but above all, she has been there. 

All any of us needs when struggling to carry on the fight and see beyond the immediate crisis, is for someone to be there for us so that we can be there for our children and this is what Julie has done; responded to the desperate Emails and phone calls, listened patiently to the endless outpourings of someone unsure which way to turn and then calmly and supportively put them back on track to fight another day.

I can only imagine the pressure with which she is faced on a daily basis, but each time, she responds quickly, supportively and with the amazing illusion that she has all the time in the world to work through things with us. 

I dread to think where we would be without her and will be eternally grateful.


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