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Help us make a difference by sharing your experiences of being a parent/carer on this page. 

Tell us about your good, bad or indifferent times you have had relating to raising your child/young person with SEN or a disability.



LPCF does not and cannot involve itself in individual cases and circumstances, however we may be able to give factual information and guide contributors to the sources of information and advice required.


Having Your Say

This helps keep the forum informed of what is happening in yourlife and by collating parents' and carers' experiences and opinions, we can identify good practice and areas requiring improvement.


Parent carers contributing on this page can feel valued in helping the forum to influence policies and decision making on services provided for families raising children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. In return, all parent carers in our county should be able to benefit from better targeted services that families feel happy to use.


Some personal information is required to validate authentic feedback and avoid website disruptions from spammers / automated web crawlers. Also there may be points of clarity which we may wish to contact you about to help our summaries.


Data Protection

The information gathered is collected and stored in paper and electronic format in compliance with the current Data Protection Act in the UK and within current EU Data Protection directives.


All of the information provided will only be utilised by LPCF in an anonymised form to support the work of the forum. With the use of this information, the LPCF will be able to influence policy changes in discussion with service providers such as the Local Authority and Health Authority.


It will not be used in any form which will allow contributors to be identified personally unless required by law.


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