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Sorry Note We are really sorry that you are considering leaving LPCF.

One thing we have learned is that many people mistakenly are actually looking to change their method of receiving information from say Email to Web Only etc

They subsequently asked to be removed when all they want to do is change how they get their information delivered.

Just before you make a final decision consider the key benefits of LPCF.


Bullit Point
The very latest information passed on to you that may directly affect your family
Bullit Point Access to regular coffee mornings and events in which you can discuss your issues with others – a problem shared is a problem halved.
It helps to have an understanding ear but also coffee mornings are a place where you can gain lots of helpful information
Bullit Point Chance to have “your say” in the services provided locally through our consultations and surveys whilst being able to influence local policy or bring about changes to services to improve them. Our past track record has given positive results both at local and national level.
Bullit Point Being part of our network means that we retain strength in numbers as we continue to grow which makes participation with service providers such as the Local Authority, more influential. The network breaks down isolation knowing you belong to a wider community in Lincolnshire.
Bullit Point Our network is open to former carers too (in case of bereavement of child with disabilities/SEN).
Bullit Point Our network is open to all carers (we have no upper age limit for your child – once your child, always your child no matter what the age!)



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