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LPCF Committee


Information and Signposting Day (10 Sept 2016)


On 10th September 2016 LPCF hosted a Free Information and Signposting Event at Billinghay Village Hall.

The hall hire was kindly donated by Sally and Neil, a LPCF volunteer and her husband to  benefit parent carers.

Other LPCF members who organised and ran the event also kindly donated their travelling expenses to LPCF funds.


Nine organisations attended providing a diverse range of information and support for parent carers.
Bid Services Lincolnshire, Carers First, County Care, Daybreak Grantham Colleg, Home from Home Care, Liaise, Linkage, Navigation Support and Care Services, And of Course LPCF!

Due to requests from working parents the event on a Saturday Morning to give them an opportunity to attend.


LPCF Committee
Information and Signposting Day + AGM
(12 July 2016)


On 12th July 2016 we held our Information and Signposting event in Coningsby. Followed by our AGM.


The event was held specifically to give parents information and support for themselves and their families, all under one roof.


18 organisations attended our event to give support and advice to parents.
Positive feedback was received from both parents and professionals.



The AGM brought about changes to the Officers of the Committee (see on our Committee page.)


Thank you to all who attended.


26,000 Questionnaires ! (Mar 2016)

March and April 2016 saw the launch of the LPCF countywide super survey aimed at getting the views of ALL parent carers in Lincolnshire.

With Thanks to Welland Press for the early delivery. The photos show the LPCF team preparing, batching and sorting the questionnaires for distribution to schools etc

Many thanks to all those involved who volunteered on the day. Coralie.

Survey Dispatch 1Survey Dispatch 2
Survey Dispatch 3Survey Dispatch 4Survey Dispatch 5

Boston Target - Special report: Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum - parent power that changed the law ( Feb 2016)

10th Anniversary Group photo 10th Anniversary Minister with Youngster

From left,

Lisa Smith, SEND Manager, Grantham College; Linda Houtby, CEO, Grantham College, Jacky Smith, Mayor of Grantham, Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families, Therese Lord, Chair of Lincolnshire Parent Carer Form, Louise Cooper, joint Manager Day Break.

Edward Timpson helps day break regular

Tom Warner with his Valentines card.

Oli and his mum Alice, a member

of Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum

With 3,500 children and young people across Lincolnshire identified as having high level special educational needs and disabilities (SEND),

it is vital that there is plenty of support available.

Moreover, giving them and their families a voice is key to ensuring that it is the right help,

and this is where the Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum (LPCF) comes in. Read Full Article

Free County Coffee Morning to celebrate Carers Rights Day ( 20 Nov 2015)

LPCF Committee


During November we held our second County Coffee morning which was well attended by 40 parent carers. The event was very informal and parents were asked to participate in activities surrounding the issues that affect their day to day lives. They were also given the chance to talk to our IPSEA trained volunteer about education issues.



A lovely buffet lunch followed.All feedback from the event will be collated and published in a report which will be added to the library page of our website and circulated to service providers.


Thank you to all who attended and gave us their valuable feedback.

Home to School Transport - Consultation meetings ( Oct 2015)

LPCF Committee


Two public meetings were organised by LPCF to give parent carers an opportunity to share their views and experiences about Home to School Transport and participate in the current review focused specifically for children who attend special schools and alternative provision.  


The meetings were co-chaired by LPCF and Lincolnshire County Council representatives. 


Over 50 people attended to have their say on the proposed transport arrangements which informs the review that is due to complete by September 2016.  See Report


Summer Fayre PosterLPCF CommitteeAnnual Picnic and Summer Fayre (Aug 2015)


During August we held our annual picnic and summer fayre and although

the weather spoilt itself we had a good turnout.


Many Thanks go to Notts2Skeg for sponsoring our event.


Happy Days !!!


LPCF Committee




LPCFAnnual General Meeting ( July 2015)


In July we held our Annual General Meeting, where our 2014-15 Annual Report & set of accounts were presented.They are now available to view on the Library page of our website.



Trustees of our Charity were elected and the year’s achievements were discussed. A question and answer session followed.




LPCF Information Stand (Jan-Sept 2015)Mobile Information stand


Over the last year our volunteers have taken our information to events run by other organisations including the

Autism Conference, the Independent Support Service Drop Ins,LCYCP Carers Roadshows, Activities for All day and many more.


If you would like us to bring our information stand and /or to talk to your organisation or school about our services please contact



Free Information and Signposting Event at Coningsby Community Centre (Mar 2015)

Over 100 parents and professionals attended the event to find out as much information as possible for their families all under one roof. Twenty Eight organisations attended providing a diverse range of information and support for parent carers. 

Free Information Event


After the positive feedback we received from our last event to promote Carers Rights Day, we decided to use the same format. The venue itself was beneficial as it gave parents a chance to relax with a cuppa and cake whilst reading all the information they have gleaned from service providers. Some parents then visited the organisations a second time to ask questions after having time to digest all the information given to them.


Professionals who had a stand also informed us that the event gave them a chance to speak to other organisations about their work and was beneficial in making contacts for the future. This feedback has all been captured in the evaluation forms they completed for us. These can also be seen in our report. LPCF would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the organisations who support us at our events.


We are extremely grateful to the Department for Education who funded this event and for Lincolnshire County Council who also support our functions. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who attend regularly, often travelling or having to have a day off work to come to our events. Without the support of our vast network, we would not be able to give a voice to the many parent carers in Lincolnshire.



County Coffee monring PicFirst County Coffee morning - Ewerby, Near Sleaford. (Feb 2015)

On 25th February 2015 we held our first County Coffee morning at the Finch Hatton, Arms, Ewerby, Nr Sleaford.


The County Coffee Morning was specifically for parents and carers of children with disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs.


The aim of the session was to bring like minded parents together to learn more about Parent Participation.

The event provided an important opportunity to find out what parents thought about the specific issues that affect them in their daily lives when caring for their families.


The findings were very interesting and the published report can be found on our library page.


Committee Editing Policy docuemntsLPCF Away Day (Jan 2015)
In January we held an Away Day near Sleaford where members and volunteers were invited.

A Job Well done - Away Day

The aim of the day was to firstly review the Charity’s policies and procedures and make sure they are fit for purpose (see photo on left).  Secondly, it was to have a chance to review things that we have achieved over the last year.  There were many things to be proud of, not least the overwhelming amount of meetings that the members had been attending to represent parents’ views,due to the recent changes in SEN legislation.

The meeting concluded with a bit of light relief and if you have been reading our newsletter you will have heard of Michelle's Mindful Moments (photo)



Spalding Coffee MorningCoffee mornings (Jan 2015)

We have been successfully running our coffee mornings in seven separate venues throughout Lincolnshire this year and have been pleased to add an additional location to our original seven.Its good to talk -  Coffee Mornings

The new coffee morning is in Bourne and is hosted by Michelle.  This is where the 50:50 club draw took place in December (see photo) and the winner was announced as Mrs Sue Hunt.



50:50 Club Draw (Jan 2015)
Mrs Hunt attended  Spalding coffee morning with her two friends and was extremely happy to receive the cheque for £82.50 (see photo)



Carers Rights Day (November 2014)Carer Rights Day Pic 1


On 28th November we held a free information event for parents and carers to celebrate Carers’ Rights Day. The event was held in Coningsby Community Hall and was well attended by over 100 parents and professionals. 30 organisations attended providing information about their services and support.

Carer Rights Day Pic 1


Attendees included:-Action for children, Buckles solicitors, Core Assets, Healthwatch, IASS, Linkage Community Trust, The Carers Team, The Thomas Centre, Transitions Quality Development Officer, Independent Travel Trainers, Circles of support, Senad Group, Family Fund, Esco Team, Carers Connect, Lincoln Deaf Children’s Society, Lincolnshire County Council Send stand, Citizens Advice Bureau, Penderels Trust, LCYCP, Sense Louth, Promoting Employment Team, Glass house Farm Care Centre, Dedicated Transitions Worker, Team around the Child, Sensory Education and Support
Service, Tourette’s Support Group. Many thanks to you for all your support


We will be providing a separate report with feedback from the day but a few highlights are as follows: 


We asked, What did you find the most valuable out of this event?


One parent told us: All good. Many thanks to all who came and all the help/advice and support which is there.

Another parent told us: The wealth of specific knowledge is wonderful.


All of the agencies I have spoken to today have been uplifting & helpful; two very important qualities. Thank you.


Picnic in th ePArk 2014LPCF Picnic in the Park (August 2014)


In July and August the the sun shone as the summer turned out to be especially good.

And so it was that we all looked forward to a day in Surfleet park.


However, the powers that be had not organised a perfect sunny day and we all feared a good dowsing.

But all those who attended weathered the minor dampening (no pun intended) and enjoyed a wonderful day amongst fellow Parents, Carers and Children. The shone almost all of the time !


Food was shared and folk laughed but the competitive spirit came out in all concerned when the games came out.


A popular favourite for all was Bochia and it proved to be great leveller with all ages and abilities making their very best efforts.


For those who missed, we are sorry to say but you missed out on a great family day out.


SEN Workshops - (June & July 2014)


During June and July LPCF hosted three workshops on the New Reforms. SEN Workshop Group (Children and Families Bill))
The workshops were well attended by both parents and professionals, who were given a a lot of information by the trainer Therese (Chair of LPCF)


A representative from Lincolnshire County Council  kindly attended each event to answer any questions from attendees.


Topics included-
Bullit PointWorkshop 1 -The current SEN system, The new SEND reforms & Update, The Local Offer
Bullit PointWorkshop 2 - SEN Graduated Response, Assessment, Education, Health and Care Plan 
Bullit PointWorkshop 3Personal Budgets, Preparing for adulthood, Disagreement resolution


The workshops were interactive and attendees were given lots of opportunity to participate A report will be published shortly outlining the issues raised and the feedback given to us by attendees.



Psot it Note AGMLPCF AGM (June 2014) Psot it Note AGM


Our LPCF AGM was held on 17th June 2014 at the Coningsby Community Hall.
The Annual Report was presented to attendees and the outstanding amount of progress made over the previous year was discussed.

LPCF thanked all of its volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to represent parents over the last year.



Parent Carer Assessment Events (Feb + Mar)

Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch
LPCF hosted two events to publicise Parent Carer Assessments

in Spalding and Boston during February and March 2014.

The following organisations attended to give parents information about

Parent Carer Assessments and the Emergency Response Scheme:-

Bullit PointCarers Connect
Bullit PointThe Carers Team
Bullit PointCarers Partnership
Bullit PointBuckles Solicitors


Thanks to all who attended.




SEN Workshops (no 3) (February)


Third of Three - each with a different theme

Annual Genral Meeting and Website LaunchSEN Event Photos A Dec 2013

In February we held a further SEN focus group at Osbournby.

The event was well attended with a mixture of SENCOs and parents all wanting to learn more

about SEN and the proposed changes in legislation


The subjects covered were:-

Bullit PointSEN Code of Practice

Bullit PointTribunals

Bullit PointNew SEN Code of Practice

Bullit PointUpdate on the Children and Families Bill.


SEN Event Photos A Dec 2013

SEN Event Photos B Dec 2013


Attendees were asked:-


What was the most positive thing from this training?


They responded:-


Bullit PointThis is the type of information I wanted to learn about
Bullit PointA lot of information compacted to manageable chunks
Bullit PointBroke down myths about statements and EHC plans
Bullit PointAn awareness of new legislation



Governments SEN and Local Offer Proposals - Parents Event to gather views(December) -


Annual Genral Meeting and Website LaunchAnnual Genral Meeting and Website Launch

In response to the Governments proposed new legislation LPCC organised an event surrounding the Local Offer.


The event took place on 5th December and was attended by a number of parents from our network.


The aim of this event was to give parents a chance to have their say about the services they wish to see detailed in the Local Offer that the Local Authority has to publish by September 2014 as directed by the Children and Families Bill 2013.


See Feedback




SEN Workshops (no2) (December)


Second of three - each with a different theme

Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch

In December we held the second of three SEN workshops.

The event was well attended by a mixture of parents and SENCO's.


The subjects covered were:-


SEN Event Photos A Dec 2013

Bullit PointSchool & Governors' duties

Bullit PointStatutory Assessment

Bullit PointStatements of educational needs

Bullit PointAnnual Review



SEN Event Photos B Dec 2013

Attendees were asked:-
What was the most positive thing from this training?


They responded:-

Bullit PointOne to one information
Bullit PointJust very informative and easy to understand
Bullit PointInformation was very useful
Bullit PointTo learn the changes that may happen in the future to SEN
Bullit PointGave me information to empower me.


To join us for the next workshops see the flyer on the events page.




Annual Genral Meeting and Website LaunchAnnual Genral Meeting and Website Launch

AGM Raffel Winner Carol


Visioning Day (Nov 2013)

In November we held a visioning day for our

trustees and members.


The aim of the day was to develop our charities' vision for the future and develop our mission statement.


Hil Gibb, our trainer for the day, made it a fun, interesting day and gave us lots to think about.



Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch

AGM Raffel Winner Carol


LPCC Gets Top Award in Food Hygiene (Nov 2013)


We are so proud to have achieve this award to certify our safe food handling from North Kesteven District Council.


To be awarded the maximum grade 5 is an achievement and we thank all those involved in the preparations and actual inspection.




       See Full size Certificate




SEN Workshops (No1) (October) -


First of Three - each with a different theme

Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch
In October we held the first of three SEN workshops.

Parents and professionals learnt about SEN of today, DIY SEN and the children and families bill.


The event was well attended and attendees commented:-


Bullit PointLots of information given in a short space of time, but enough to be able to process it

Bullit PointVery useful and easy to understand

Bullit PointCake was lovely!


To join us for the next workshops see the flyer on the events page.



CAMHS REVIEW by LCC Sept to Oct 2013 - (Making our voices heard)


Annual Genral Meeting and Website LaunchAGM Raffel Winner CarolParents on our network were invited to participate in the review of CAMHS.


We held two events (one during the evening and one during the day) giving parents a chance to share their views and participate in influencing services for the future.


Lincolnshire County Council were keen to gain as many views as possible regarding how the service is now and how parents would like it to be in the future..


Parents who were unable to attend the two events were invited to participate in an anonymous LPCC survey, which has now been given to LCC and published in the library section of our website for your information.


Thanks to those of you who participated.




Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch

AGM Raffel Winner Carol


             LPCC Picnic in the park - Lincoln (July)



In July we successfully organised a picnic in the Arboretum in Lincoln.


Families on our network enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine and had a lovely,

relaxing afternoon, chilling out with other families.






Annual General Meeting (July)


AGM and our new Website LaunchAGM Raffel Winner Carol

Annual Genral Meeting and Website Launch


Our AGM was held on 15th July 2013 at Canwick Village Hall Lincoln.


As well as the usual AGM business LPCC were proud to announce and demonstrate our brand new website which has been developed over the past 3 months.


The new site hopefully provides a significant improvement on our current web presence, providing a simple accessibility to all of our documents, events and publicity etc.

Find us at our new address (Please tell everyone you know!)


Refreshments were provided by Carol and Jason with lovely homemade cakes!

AGM Minutes Link



Cycle Fundraiser and Swim (July)


Cycel Ride meet the MayorNottingham to Skegness Cycle rideCycle ride Group photo


What a great day out - a 82 mile fundraiser followed by a pool party.


Many thanks to Neil (Kermit the Frog) and Kevin for organising a superb event, helping raise funds and ensuring that everyone had a great day your out in the sun.


The after ride pool party at the Embassy Swimming pool was a special treat on a nice warm sunny day and was enjoyed by all the disabled children and their families




Transitions Events (Feb/Mar)


LPCC were proud to offer two workshop around Transitions.

Transitions Presentation TeamTransitions Stand


5th February 2013 - Bishop Grosseteste University.

For children with disabilities over 14 and their parent / carers. What does "Transitions" mean for you? An active learning day about this and how it affects Education, Health, Social Care & Families.


13th March 2013 - South Holland Centre.

A follow up to February's workshop with guest Brian Lamb OBE (renowned SEN expert and public affairs consultant, Chair of the Lamb Inquiry into 'Parental Confidence in SEN'.)

Transitions Fact Sheet See Report Final Report


Parents WorkshopBig Coffee Morning Coralie


Parents Workshops "Advanced Workshop" - Sleaford - January 2013


During January 13 we hosted an advanced series of parent's workshops in Sleaford.


Parents followed up the subjects from our 2012 "Shovelling Snow in a Blizzard" workshops working in more detail and had lots of fun whilst learning which empowered them hugely.




Away Day Clare and SueAway Day (Nov)


During Nov 12 we held an Away Day for anyone who wished to volunteer and help the LPCC.

Awayday PhotoThis included current members and volunteers and we met up to learn more about the way we represent parents on our network and to set our direction for our charity.


It was a highly interactive away day and a good chance to review how far we’ve come since 2007 when the LPCC was launched with just 6 parents and to how many people we represent - now...over 2110 parents!


Topics covered included History of LPCC. it's work and structures, future plans for LPCC, Fundraising, volunteering



Big Coffe Morning PhotoBCM SpeakerBCM (THE Big Coffee Morning - Lincoln - June)


On 18th June 2012, the LPCC hosted a big coffee morning and information event at the Bishop Grosseteste University College in Lincoln.

Based on the model of the previous BCM people form North Lincs, the event targeted giving parents and professionals as much information about the services and support that is available to families of children with disabilities and SEN.


Partners form the statutory and voluntary sector provided presentations and over thirty stand about a wide variety of services and opportunities. Full Report Link




Parents Workshop Boston 2012Parents Workshop Lunch PreparationParents Workshops "Shovelling Snow in a Blizzard" -

May, June and September 12 (Boston, Lincoln and Horncastle)


During May,June and September 2012 we held parents workshops in the Boston, Lincoln and Horncastle areas. We covered the subjects of effective communication,understanding strategies, Space for self and why me?. During January 13 we hosted an advanced series of parents workshops in Sleaford where parents covered the subjects in more detail and had lots of fun whilst learning lots to empower them



BCM (THE Big Coffee Morning - Spalding - March )


On 26th March 2012 the LPCC hosted a Big Coffee Morning and information event at the South Holland Centre in Spalding.

Over 75 parents and 60 professionals attended the event.


Big Coffee Morning Spalding March 12The event aimed to give parents and professionals as much information about the services and support that is available to families of children with disabilities and SEN.

The morning consisted of a number of presentations by statutory and voluntary organisations .


After lunch parents were given the opportunity to look around the thirty stands consisting of service providers and statutory and voluntary organisations. Parents were also given the opportunity to speak to professionals in private and a number of professionals  commented how useful this was. (see report Link)






Parent Workshops (October) View Report Link

In October 2011 we organised workshops for parent carers with Hil Gibb.


These workshops took place in Lincoln over three weeks and covered subjects such as Effective Communication, Understanding Strategies and Space for self. They were very successful and will hopefully be repeated in the near future around the county.



Parent Workshops (Brian Lamb) September 2011  View Report Link

Brian was invited to Lincolnshire by the LPCC to talk to parents and professionals about the current developments in Special Educational Needs

and how parents can become more involved.

Brian's presentation covered the following subjects:-

 Bullit Point
The Background to SEN
 Bullit Point
The Green paper
 Bullit Point
SEN and over identification
 Bullit Point
 Bullit Point
Joint Planning
 Bullit Point
Personalised Budgets
 Bullit Point
Parental Involvement
 Bullit Point
Parental Satisfaction
 Bullit Point
Local Offer


Over 50 parents and professionals attended our two events. View Report Link


Parent Workshops (Steven Broach - public lawyer) June 2011  View Report Link

In June Steve was invited to come to Lincolnshire by the LPCC to talk to parents and professionals about the law surrounding children with disabilities and special educational needs.

The subjects he covered during his four sessions were as follows:-

 Bullit Point 
 Bullit Point 
Social Care/Health
 Bullit Point 
Human Rights –Article 8 (family and private life)
 Bullit Point 
 Bullit Point 
Disability Equality Duty
 Bullit Point 
Welfare Duties
 Bullit Point 
 Bullit Point 
Equality Act 2010
 Bullit Point 
The Green Paper

Over 100 parents and professionals attended the four events. View Report Link


Green Paper Consultation

The LPCC asked Parents and carers for their feedback regarding the Consultation on the Green Paper.
The feedback was collected via a number of questions asked through the network. The resulting feedback was compiled in a report.
"LPCC Green Paper Response" 


Charitable Status

In April 2011 the LPCC became a Registered Charity.

The Charity number is 1141060.




Meetign with Ed Balls 2010


A LPCC "early days" photo with Ed Balls in London.


Way back in 2010, two ambitious ladies form Lincolnshire went to knock on the Government's door to ensure the voices of parents and carers from Lincolnshire were heard.


From that day on, LPCC has grown to be a highly respected forum for their representation.


Coralie and Therese ( LPCC’s vice-chair and chair) met Ed Balls, Minister for Children, Schools and Families.





Puberty and Growing up

Parents and carers informed us, through our coffee mornings and conferences, that there appeared to be little information and support for them covering the most sensitive of subjects 'Puberty and Growing Up'. With this in mind we decided to hold an information event on this subject.
The event was extremely well supported by parents and professionals. Three speakers gave presentations on this subject -our thanks go to them for their expertise.


Organisations and support groups also attended to make this a very informative event.

For parents who were unable to attend the event we have made available our report. "Puberty and Growing Up"


Direct Payments Personalisation

Parents and carers also informed us that the area of Direct Payments and Personalisation was an area of confusion and concern for them.
On 10th November we hosted an event covering these subjects. It was discovered that this is a large and complex subject that needs addressing again in the future. The event was well attended by parents and professionals and thanks go to our speakers for their expertise.

For parents who were unable to attend the event we have made our report available. "Direct Payments and Personalisation"





We have worked together with those who provide services for children with disabilities and their families to help plan and improve the quality, range and accessibility of these services. We have representatives on at least 41 active work streams and we work in partnership to promote best practise.


Details of our work and achievements are as follows:


The setting up of a network of parents and carers in Lincolnshire.

During the year we have set up and maintained our network of parents and carers of children with disabilities and additional needs in Lincolnshire. During this time our part-time Liaison Officer added over 1800 parents’ details into our confidential database.


Informative website with free subscription online.

The website is currently being refurbished to include online consultations, surveys, and up-to-date information on all the work streams.


We have set up our own telephone help line, enabling us to help and signpost parents if necessary.


Regular informative newsletters to all parents and carers on our network.

The newsletter goes out regularly to parents on our network informing them of issues relevant to their situation and as importantly giving them a chance to feedback on any relevant issues, so we are able to represent their views at every level.


Emergency Report Card

We have supported Lincolnshire County Council develop the Emergency Response Card for carers so there is a record of an emergency plan in the event of the parent carer having an accident or emergency.

To access this scheme you need to have had a Carers Assessment. To apply for one, please phone the Carers team on 01522 782224 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Grant for LPCC Liaison Officer secured through Carers’ Partnership.

In June 2009 we secured a grant for a LPCC Liaison Officer whose main role is to identify ‘hidden’ and isolated parent carers and help support those we already know of. In 2010 we are linking in to the many children's centres around Lincolnshire and continuing with our established Coffee mornings and parents events.


Large scale research into the county’s education provision

We have obtained over 1480 responses to an Education questionnaire from parents and a further 128 responses from SENCos. Some of the data has already been analysed and shared with service providers and parents. Once we complete our work on this, we will feedback to relevant parties and parents in due course.


Coffee Mornings in 7 Local Children’s Partnership districts are organised frequently

We have organised our own coffee mornings in the 7 local partnership areas, which were well attended. These were attended by the local Parent Support Advisor and health trainers who came to talk to parents. We have also identified an additional unsupported area on the East coast and we will be holding regular coffee mornings there. We also liaise with the Carers benefits worker who is able to advise parents of their benefit entitlement at our coffee mornings.


Health Consultation

In October 2009 we hosted two Health Consultations surrounding the replacement of Consultant paediatricians in Lincolnshire. From this we have compiled a report which will hopefully influence the Paediatric review -submitted to Parliament. "LPCC Report on Health Consultation"



2 ‘away’ days held to discuss our strategy, devise and adopt policies for the group

First and second phase of Aiming High grant secured and fully used. We have now secured the third phase.

Presentations to the Carers’ team regarding parenting a child with a disability

Presentation to the Parent Support Advisors about the work of this council Held meetings with SENCos and Parent Support Advisors in schools to inform them of our work

Had meetings with Health trainers regarding our role

Holding 7 parent carers conferences throughout Lincolnshire; one in every Local Children’s Partnership district. Feedback from these will be shared in a special post conference newsletter. Meeting regarding the Showroom project - a consultation for a world class, multi- use, youth facility in Lincoln. Feedback was required from parents of children with disabilities and was duly sent to the manager.





Aiming High for Disabled Children

We have received a grant to help bring parents together and to make finding out information easier.
We are doing this by getting in touch with you and finding out your views as well as telling you about support that is available.


Children and Young People's Plan

The draft of the Children and Young People’s Plan started a new sub-group for the LPCC, which reviewed the plan and fed back all the comments and amendments to Children’s Services within the tight deadline in 2008. We are doing the same again this year too.
We were key to taking your views to the decision makers when Lincolnshire County Council reviewed the statementing process. We held parent consultations to draw up the SEN proposal for Lincolnshire which were received by the decision makers within the Lincolnshire County Council.
We arranged meetings with Roger Bushell who is doing research on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) to feed into the Special Educational Needs Implementation Bill 2008.


SEN Proposal for Additional needs

During April 2008 we hosted two consultations on the SEN Proposal for additional needs. From these consultations we compiled
a report of our members views. LPCC Report of consultation on SEN Proposal